Thursday, April 15, 2010

Days 77-365 / 365 - Bye for now...

Ahh... I've spent all these days away from the computer, I've really embraced the slower pace of the non-technical side of life... the Spring breezes...the singing birds, the budding of the trees and flowers... the hopscotches on the sidewalk (I'm so glad to see that kids ar outside playing vs. on the computer or watching tv) - the memories that are evoked when I see a father and son tossing a baseball in the front yard...or kids on skates...and skate boards -- these are just a sprinkle of the joys that feed the senses of my soul... And... clearing clutter, organizing and plans for beautifying and redecorating my home - the windows to my soul are flung open now...and the breeze is intoxicating! Now... my Gratitude-Joy is written indelibly in my heart... and inspires me to actually "experience" it more...vs. blogging about it.
My gratitude for all I've shared here on this written in my heart: the awareness of images, the sounds, scents and textures of my life...well, there are no words to describe the sense of Unity I experience with it all. I am grateful for my companionship with Spirit...and that I listen to my Heart - which is telling me to "experience life"... "be fully-present", which is more important than making sure I don't miss a day blogging about it..unless that blogging/journaling is coming from an authentic desire to do so; it'd be like being so busy taking photos at a sacred event...that I miss the current moment blooming before me....
And so, on that note... I've decided to heed the my inner-stirrings and take a hiatus from blogging, indefintely -- and...when the Spriit moves me, I'll resume. I am thankful that keeping this online journal did exactly what I wanted, it filled me with so much Gratitude-Joy- that it's an abiding presence in me now... I've an archeological find withn my soul's DNA ... what a gift!.... and for that, I am immensely grateful... Thank you for witnessing it with me.