Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 365 / 365

What a marvelous year, 2010.  As it has wrapped up I reflect on so much that to be thankful for, some nuggets are:

...inner-growth that yields to outward growth; and all the magnifcient creative processes and ingredients that have gone into it

...realizing how deeply loved I am...and how deeply I love, even when I don't realized it

...that healing can happen, when I stick with it no matter how many times or how many faces healing takes on...I have been attuned to them all...and have been blessed by the re-emergence of the Face of my Soul...through my every day.

...learning to get over it when folks don't behave the way I think they should... (or the way I think I would); when they don't own their responsibility... yep, more for me to reflect on w/in myself to see if and where I might do this

...I've become even more smitten with the Creative Process of Living - and my part in that as co-creator/co-partner with the Force... it has indeed been with me (as I know it always is...I just might not always remember)

...dreaming bigger...and even bigger in 2011 "... to infinitiy and beyond.!" ... as Buzz Lightyear would say..and having people in my life to remind me

..the ever-expanding Creative Tribe that surrounds me in 3D... and blesses me beyond my imagination and sometimes beyond my awareness; and yet...I am well aware of  bounty that blesses me in each and every one who I come in contact with, be it for a minute, an hour...or a lifetime; whether we've spoke words or with our eyes and hearts... it's all real.  It's all felt...and it all blesses everyone involved...and beyond.

I am grateful for the prospering power of Gratitude-Joy... the vibrating elixir of joyful love...coursing through the veins of my body...the breath and breadth of my being, as it meets yours! 

Here's to a new year... may it be the best one yet!  ...for each one of us!

Wondrous, sweet blessings...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 349 / 365 - When you least expect...

Taking time at lunch from the fast pace at breathe, and be aware of all the brilliance in my life that makes my heart and soul bloom in warmth and love...and appreciation.  It's like a hug from my heart.   And yes, that Spirit is all around me, bouying me up whenever I may waiver, or question the "why, why me, why them" of how things are.... 

That Spirit of Gratitude greeted me this morning as I hopped into a cab (at 8:55) at the train make it quickly and safely to work on time at 9AM.  As always, I greeted the cab driver with a hello and how are you...and he began to talk about how good he was, how good life is...and how no matter how bad we might think we have it at times...there's always someone else who's going through the same, or seemingly worse; but when we have friends, family and love in our heart... we are rich!  Really.. he went on for 1-2 minutes!  As he's talking I'm grinning ear to ear...'cause I know I am experiencing a Divine Gift!  I have never expereinced a cab driver with such exuberance for life... and I thank him for his joyful testimony...and for getting me to work on time!

What an incredible way to start the day.   When we least expect it... Grace and Gratitude  shows itself in our a radiant smile; we just have to have our inner-vision attuned.  And so...right this moment...I'm also aware of my gratitude for....

1) brother Billy...for all the deep, mystic conversations we have, the creativity we share...and for him being his loving, courageous, strong, spirited self.  He's a spiritual warrior and I am inspired and  learn more from him than he may ever know.  I love you Billy! -- And.. I love that he loves the charcoal gray, chenille scarf I crocheted for him a few years ago.  In an e-mail he said:  "... today, looking for a brace against the elements and shazamm!  I thought I told you how much I loved it.  Visually it has an embracing aura of comfort. In a practical sense it's awesome in it's volume.  And when you wrap it around your face the wind is weak against its protection" -- Wow..."giving" truly is the gift that keeps on giving.   xxoo

2) ...taking time to learn something new... for the first time I'm learning to knit socks!  Crazy-Wacky, colorful socks - using 4 double-pointed needles (and a 5th to knit with) yikes! - with all that going on it's actually calming... not much room left in my mind to think of anythng else - meditative.  ...glad that part of me is coming forward again... I honored that "inner part" of me with a SoulCollage card, here.

3) ...working... being in a rhytym with work... with life...and the insights gained  yet again through my conversation with Billy last night which coincided with the indescribable book Feng Shui for the Soul, by Denise Linn, here.. I can feel the deeper shifts beginning - within, and with my home;  a time of letting go, re-defining, re-visioning and saying "yes" to my bloming soul!

Now.. off to enjoy the cold sunshine of this Winter day...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 337 / 365 - Letting go...

Ahh...yes... sitting here, cozy in the living room on this cold winter day... glad to have my humble abode.  I breathe.  I let my mind slow come down from hanging on all the thoughts that assemble there; reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw recently that read "Don't believe everything you think" - or something to that effect. Hmm..   And so.. coming back to the peace, the stillness, coming back to my intention to slow down and to get off of the merry-go-round of thought... to let go of it all, again and again.  In that light, I breathe a conscious breath... settle into my chair... feel my inner being cement it's connection with my physical being...  In this moment, I am aware of my gratitude for....

1) home - an all the Spirit of my home has witnessed... I am grateful for all She has taught me, is still teaching me... and what I have yet to learn...  I am thankful to be listening....

2) ...Pat Allen's Studio Process:  Art For the Soul at Lisa's studio, Whispers From the Moon today...  it's indeed a gift to create art from the heart with the kindred spirits there... and in that special place that is the studio.   I'm thankful I had today off, that I could attend.

3) evolving Tree Woman that's emerging during the Open Studio Process - I'm thankful for the process, for her evolving physical body...and for all she's teaching me in Spirit, in she emerges..  Thank you Tree Woman.

4) connecting with K this week, even if it was brief... she sounds good

5) rejuvenating health, appreciation for life...and Spirit that animates this body of mine...

6) good job.. as well as my life's Work...which I'm consistently reminded that my Life Work is mine to do from where ever I am... at any moment...

7)  ...The Creator of All that Is - and It's upholding, sustaining energy in the universe...and in the lives of every one of us...

Blessings do indeed abound.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 329 / 365 - Honoring...

As this Thanksgiving day winds down...I reflect, and let the spirit of Gratitude-Joy encompass me.  Today is a day of honoring:

1)  Honoring my feelings and emotions...all of them, the warm and fuzzy ones, the joyful ones..and even those that make me tearful...and naked with vulnerability  

2)  Honoring family connections...ancestors, present family: parents, grandparents, daughter - oh..the honoring runs deep and wide; honoring my birth family and my soul family which I am grateful that it continues to expand...spanning the globe... each one gifting me with a treasure for my soul

3) Honoring the richness of my life that becomes more apparent as I acknowledge all the mediums that make up my rich, rich life... the online kindred, inspiring spirts and the opportunities to share my experiences and insights not only on my blogs, but through the generosity of dear friends i.e. Laura Hegfiled by being a guest contributor on her blog, Shine the Divine...where I shared about Gratitude-Joy: Gifts of the Present ; and Jun Mhoon as guest on his radio show on Unity.FM, as well as the Mandala Oasis Yahoo Community as we share our mandalas and the insights of the process.  And, intimate sharings of friends via email and blog comments... all examples of each of us "honoring" one another's gifts and contributions to this world...

4) ...and me filled with gratitude for those that share their generous gifts with me personally...and the world...and honoring them.. my friends, some of which include: the Radiant PremaLuminous Judith Cornell, who made her transisiton on May 18, 2010 - whom I had the "honor" of knowing and co-facilitating a series of tele-seminars on the sacred art of creating mandalas; my soul sister, Brilliant Vimala Rodgers and her Alphabetical Blessings; another soul sister, Courageous Anne Marie Bennett and her gift of Bright Side of the Road;  Creative Soul Coach Susan Cadley; Magnificent Muse, Jamie Ridler; Moon Medicine Woman, Lisa Schmitz and Healer and SoulCollage sister, Brenda Fernandez and of course, free spirited creator of SoulCollage, Seena Frost;  Pioneer Barb Fleming and her work in educating us on our biofiled health; and Artistic Doreen as she shares her Artistic Journeys.,, and finally... my dear friend Bill of Campbell Quest ...he's a seasoned, compassionate, creative life coach who always holds sacred space for not only his clients, but his friends as well.

5)  Ah.. the beautiful, pure life lessons of animated (children's) movies.  Tonight it's the deep clarity and wisdom of Kung Fu Panda... oh my.. it's focus on discovering The Secret Ingredient... it's one of the best movies to watch to gain perspective when I'm taking life much too serioiusly... I appreciate honor the creators of these types of movies..(including The Velveteen Rabbit).

6) ...Honoring all of the above...and all of the below.. honoring this very moment and all that is yet to be.  Honoring the spirit in me...and  the spirit in you.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 328 / 365 - Awareness

The last few weeks have been weeks of  heightened awareness.  Awareness of the shifts that are occurrig within me...and that feels good.   Sometimes I'm not always been aware that growth is taking place; deep down I know it is, but it's not always evident...that is until I step back...pause  and take stock. I review..allowing the visions, insights and inclinations to play across the screen of my mind's eye...and my inner-being.   It's amazing how this pause is often inspired by daily encounters along my way:  overhearing a conversation, being inspired by someone else's resiliance, synchronicities, and answered prayer; well as receiving  responses to inner-inquiries...from the simplest request to the deepest.  Oh so much to be thankful for.  And so, I allow myself to bathe in it.  In this moment, I am aware of the Gratitude-Joy that warms my heart... I am thankful for...

1) ....the blessing of a warm, cozy, safe home... a home that is a womb for my 'being'... a home that nurtures and teaches me about myself.. I appreciate the Spirit of my home

2) ...this warm, enlivened feeling in my heart... I am thankful for my glad and peaceful heart

3) computer...and the worldwide web ....and all the kindred connections I've made, and community that I am a part of

4) family....all of them...and the smile in my heart when I think of them;  even though we're miles and miles away... they are a part of the divine recipe that makes!

5)  ahh... a good night's sleep

6)  ...the deepening relationship with God and my soul... which is allowing me to appreciate myself and my journey here on Earth...

7) ... I am really thankful for my ability to reflect and contemplate - those two ingredients are warming to my spirit...and are a  potent form of prayer and meditation... ahh.. thank you, thank you, thank you....

Life is good....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 317 / 365

Tonight as I sink down down into the chair, getting comfy...listening to the sound of silence...enjoying the soft lamp-light in the Mango Studio, I relax into my body, aware of the Presence in my body...feels good.  Right now, in this moment I am aware of my gratitude for...

1)  ...the Divine Order that is ever present, and prevails - even when it doesn't look like it

2) ...the shared gratitude stories on sweet Laura's blog; and her generous spirit for rounding up fellow-travelers to contribute a blog post, including me; .and most of all for the inspiration that Laura is...she teaches and gives of her radiant spirit by simply being here on Earth...and doing what's for her to do moment to moment.    Thank you dear Laura Hegfield - kindred spirit, SoulCollage sister, friend...

3) ...spending the afternoon with Lee P. today;  we always have a good time together no matter how much time in-between has gone by.. a wonderful spirit connection...

4) ...this time of year..oh is so gorgeous and soothing and luminous!  radiant yellow Maple leaves that I swear...emit a light.  Standing up under them is like  giant umbrella and their healing, loving energy showers over me... I feel it deep inside.. very healing...and enchanting...

5) ...feeling good in my body; and the healing practicioners that are a part of my well-being team;  overall improvement

6), family, family....

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 303 / 365

In this moment... on this truly magnificient Fall day... I breathe in... and I am aware of my feeling of Gratitude-Joy for...

1)  the colors and scents of Fall... the crisp, yet warming breezes...the sound of the breeze through the trees...and the haiku poem Kamaria wrote for me in third grade...that refrenced "the breeze through the trees"... ahh.. out of the mouths of babes...

2) this quite time in my studio I work with Tree Woman...which I realize now..she's a part of my self-portait project... tears flowed this morning as I felt and heard her compassionate direction: lowering her arms from trying to hold up the a position of open embrace...a posture of receiving...and surrender...and  gratitude...and of faith heart...ready to receive blessings, guidance...and the feeling of "all needs met"

3)  the spirited, engaging conversation (and tea) with Pat Allen yesterday... oh my... what treasures were shared, uncovered...and seeds planted...  blessings, blessings everywhere!

4) the gift of the Open Studio Process that Pat has indeed made my creative time more mindful...prayeful... and sacred;  and opened the door to other easily assessible mediums to create with i.e.. tape and foil ...thank you Pat!

5)  good neighbors...and my friend and neighbor Pat W.

6) another day to embrace...and be present to...the sights and sounds of the season; and my role in the big picture of life....

7)  listening to the recorded telecast with Catherine Anderson on SoulCollage as prayer... thank you Catherine for beaming your loving spirit our way...with your generous and wise offering...


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 300 / 365

Wow.. it's hard to believe there are only 65 days remaining until the end of 2010.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long ago that I started this blog....w/the summer off :)   And now.. as the Autumn daylight gives way to this October night... I reflect...I breathe.. I am aware...that I am filled with gratitude, and peace and a sense of well being like that...well... just makes my heart glad.. And so.. this night.. I feel the thrill of abiding Gratitude-Joy withn me for:

1)  it being just cool enough to still have the windows open...keeping me connected to the sights and sounds of this Season of Change and Release

2a)  connecting with my sweet, creative Circle-sister, Michelle...

2b)  inspiring..and inspired SoulCollage Faciliator sisters...and dear soul friend... Laura H and Kathryn

3)  realizing tonight that my neck and shoulders have felt just fine today!  Wow.. freedom! thank you, thank you, thank you

4)  continual improved health.. mind, body, spirt...and the continual discoveies that my inner-work reveals, stirs up...and heals...

5)  beautiful, vibrant, compassionate Denise Linn and all she offers to the world...and to be a part of her expansive soul work with her Soul Coaching training-retreat in the Spring ; and her book Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body... is a soul excavation experience like no other...

6)  the radiant, creative spirits in my Women's Medicine Circle..

7)  that I consistently acknowlege, listen, heed...and trust my soul's voice...deepening my realtionship with her.  thank you dear soul...for being my eternal beacon

8)  Joanna and her spirited Receiving Project:

9)  Joy!  ...abiding Gratitude-Joy!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 278/365

Winding down the day.. the Night Owl part of me is very content...and there's another Part (who is that?) that knows it's time for light's out as tomorrow is a day to catch the earlier train; but tonight, I had to acknowledge my gratittude-joy for:

1)  being led to Joana's blog and her Receiving Project -- via Jamie's weekly Wishcasting Wednesday creative prompt...thank you ladies!

2) being home and feeling a greater sense of well-being..for the healing on all levels that's taking place...and for my team of holistic practioners...for they each bring essential ingredients to my healing soup;  and I thank my inner-team heart smiles to embrace and listen to every facet of myself...and to let the jewel inside my heart shine brilliantly.

...Good night dear ones...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 275 / 365

As I wrap up the weekend and get ready for the week... I reflect..and feel gratitude for:

1)  Good-hearted, personable, caring neighbors
2)  Rae's inspiring post on her blog:  The Art of Collecting Yourself .. thank you Rae.
3)  Thank you Jamie Ridler for always inviting us to probe deeper...and find our inner-treausres
4)  The beautiful Fall day today... and the enjoyment of puttering around the house
5)  Watching the movie, The Velveteen Rabbit today... which I'd nver seen... the memorable ending lesson was:  "Loving" makes us real... and then I saw the Velveteen Rabbit emerge from a cloth a living, breathing charcoal colored bunny... come to life through the love of a little boy. It really makes me ponder the distinguishmnent between "love" and being "loving" (which the swan in the movie pointed out).  I just love children's movies...stories and books!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 259 / 365 - PIcking up where I left off...

Ahh... it feels good to be back here.  In the Spring of the year, I took a vacation from the DAILY blogging of Gratitude-Joy.  After feeling the pleasure and enchantment of Gratitude-Joy, I decided to let myself embody it in my daily sojourns...and to fast from daily blogging .  And so.. I embarked on appreciating what surounded me and accepting the gifts it brought, be they "quiet moments with my own thoughts", or the not always so wonderful encounters of... "quiet moments with my own thoughts!"  Oh..if we don't have a sense of humor, we'll be invited to grow one in one way or another!

And so... to actually see from a distance - via my blog - that which stirs me to appreciate something I needed a closer snapshot of; and starting with Autumn,  blogging gives me the perfect amount of distance to see and feel the full appreciation.  Drawing inward as our bodies attune to Mother Earth's Autumn season, as She prepares to retreat inwardly for hibernaton, rest and replenishment.

And.. of course, being back here again with all of you, my Creative Kindred Spirits, is one of the best parts of all!  It just wouldn't be the same without setting my Gratitude-Joy free to the Winds of the Worldwide Web and beyond...intended to blow joyful breezes of gratitude awareness your way...and then circle back my way via yourbeautiful, colorful, sacred Creative Offerings.  I intend to blog my Gratitude-Joy at least once a week, thata feels like enough to keep the appreciation fires stoked - and to stay in touch with all of you as well.  I do thank you for being here!

Right heart is filled with joy that:

1)   I talked witih my daughter tonight... it was SO good to hear her voice...she's Good Medicine!
2)   S.C. who's guiding me through some unique territory
3)   I connecting with Creative Sister, Angelia and her colorful, unique soulful art that calls us to a higher place within. Angelia.. I" glad you left a comment on my Mandala Oasis blog!
4)  my very good job
5) I'm back my blog... turning up the Gratitude-Joy within!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Days 77-365 / 365 - Bye for now...

Ahh... I've spent all these days away from the computer, I've really embraced the slower pace of the non-technical side of life... the Spring breezes...the singing birds, the budding of the trees and flowers... the hopscotches on the sidewalk (I'm so glad to see that kids ar outside playing vs. on the computer or watching tv) - the memories that are evoked when I see a father and son tossing a baseball in the front yard...or kids on skates...and skate boards -- these are just a sprinkle of the joys that feed the senses of my soul... And... clearing clutter, organizing and plans for beautifying and redecorating my home - the windows to my soul are flung open now...and the breeze is intoxicating! Now... my Gratitude-Joy is written indelibly in my heart... and inspires me to actually "experience" it more...vs. blogging about it.
My gratitude for all I've shared here on this written in my heart: the awareness of images, the sounds, scents and textures of my life...well, there are no words to describe the sense of Unity I experience with it all. I am grateful for my companionship with Spirit...and that I listen to my Heart - which is telling me to "experience life"... "be fully-present", which is more important than making sure I don't miss a day blogging about it..unless that blogging/journaling is coming from an authentic desire to do so; it'd be like being so busy taking photos at a sacred event...that I miss the current moment blooming before me....
And so, on that note... I've decided to heed the my inner-stirrings and take a hiatus from blogging, indefintely -- and...when the Spriit moves me, I'll resume. I am thankful that keeping this online journal did exactly what I wanted, it filled me with so much Gratitude-Joy- that it's an abiding presence in me now... I've an archeological find withn my soul's DNA ... what a gift!.... and for that, I am immensely grateful... Thank you for witnessing it with me.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 76 /365 - An Internet Break

Ah...another sunny day... in the mid-high 50s. I am aware of my immense gratitude for:

1.) awareness for my need for internet-free weekends and days...which I am starting after this post; to let myself slow down from the instant response and anticipation of the fast-paced internet, and the infinite bells and whistles vying for my attention, which keep me away from feeling "grounded and centered in my being" let all that go and embrace: the Field of Nature's Elements, Spirit's Elements and my Soul's Elements and the wise, loving whispers from them let them have their way with me...and to soak it all up... now that is paradise to me... and I look forward to meeting myself there... that, is home to me

I'll continue handwriting my Gratitude-Joy in my journal...and blog those days upon my return, which might be on Monday... or perhaps even longer. I'll let Intuition decide...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 75 /365

I am thankful for...

1.) the relief I feel in my neck and shoulders...and for Dr. Shepherd's treatment... (now, to sustain this)

2.) a smooth condo association meeting tonight....good neighbors..

3.) .and sweet Dante... Diana and Mike's Alaskan Huski

3.) another beautiful Spring day...

4.) that tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 74 /365

Right here...right now... I am feeling Gratitude-Joy for...

1.) ...the symphony of church bells that play just as I approach St. Edmond each weeknight on my walk home from Metra... it's a sound I've not heard in a while...and the bells feel like their welcoming me...along my journey

2.) ...taking time to sit outside at St. Edmond's school...on my walk home... to take it all in... he Spring breeze... the trees, and the glorious daylight...and energy

3.) ...the tweets, cheeps, chirps and peeps from the array of birds...and the wondrous birdsongs they all have... music to my ears..and heart... thank you birds!

4.) .. the peaceful ride home tonight...and walk to the train from work... I appreciate knowing I will have a relaxing, uneventful ride home on Metra... a good way to end the work day

5.) ...the patient, courteous, friendly people I encounter each day... drivers who wait at the stop sign and motion me to cross even before i've started... it's like they happily wait for my safe crossing; their smiles...and good-will energy is indeed present

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 73 /365

Today... I am alive, awake...and aware of my gratitude for...

1.) ...what I just mentioned above... and the bliss of Spring being in the air... it's affecting so many people is so many wonderful ways...

2.) ...the event we had today with clients at The Chopping Block.. what a wonderful way to get to know people better... by creating a recipe together...then sharing in the fruits of our labor

3.) ...catching up with my Sandi today... I'd not seen her face in quite a while is good!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 72 /365

Ahh yes... the season of Spring is pulsing through my veins... I feel like I've just opened the windows of my being and this glorious Spirit-breeze is blowing through. It's amazing how enlivening to the soul...the renaissance of Spring can be. - Today is a day of gratitude for:

1.),,,the fresh breeze of Spring... and the sights and sounds that go along with it: the chirping, peeping birds scampering and fluttering in the's so cute that I can hear them and not see them.. I heard a Cardinal on my walk home from the train tonight...and saw a Robin hopping around on the grass...

1b) ...the creative inspiration, and "juice" of Jamie Ridler... I am really stoked about the March New Moon post... getting us ready for creation of our Full Moon Dreamboards...on the date of the Full Moon -- Jamie.. you rock!

2.) ...the technique of using the Rainbow Obsidian Heart with the laser (thank you Pure Reign and Kathy F.) - I am so encouraged...and feeling good in my head, neck and shoulders...and spirit

3.) ...picking up Martha Beck's "Steering by Starlight"... checking it out to see if I resonate with it... Lisa E. is taking the teleclass with Laurie H. and highly recommended it... it has my interest, that's for sure...

4.) ...the clean bill of health for my eyes today... no more eye drops and my eyes look good inside out... finally.. thank you!

5.) ...sleeping well...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 71 /365

I am so excited... the time changes seems to have enlivened me, at least right now... getting up an hour earlier, according to my body-clock tomorrow morning...I'm hoping I will be just as invigorating. There's something about waking up to the natural daylight that's nutritious to the spirit.. Right now, I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.)... the sense of Spring in the air: anticipation of new birth, green shoots are sprouting up out of the grond...and it's still daylight at 6:30 pm... this means when I get home from work I can enjoy the daylight! - and that... is music to my spirit...

2.) ...realizing that spending too much time on the computer is NOT good for my head, neck and shoulders... so from now on, I'm on it for short bursts at a time...

3.) ....the six SoulCollage cards I've made so far today....I went with The Flow and it was so relaxing and enjoyable... medicine for, and from Deep Within; their Whispers of Guidance resonate with me...and I look forward to goind deeper, dialoguing and capturing Insights as I allow their Essence to be with me...

4.) nature walk this afternoon with Randy and Carol...and the humurous stories we shared..and the dog we met.. Leo?? .. we always meet a dog or two on our walks

5.) ... feeling grounded in my being... and feeling good... yes... thank you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 70 /365

A rainy day today... I am glad to be inside, hearing the rain...and I am snug at home. Right now, I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) being introduced to yet another way of healing with Rainbow Obsidian via the ground-breaking offerings at Pure Reign... it's helped a lot in reducing discomfort... another tool for healing along the journey...and very encouraging

2.) spending time online tonight...and visiting my friend Kathy via her blog, Echoes of Grace... I am always inspired and uplifted by Kathy, her presence, her writings...her friendship... thank you Kathy.. much love to you

3.) allowing myself to have this day...without a to-do list (although it exists)... this afternoon I played with collage.. and the night's still young.. oh, wait a minute.. the clocks "spring ahead" tonight... oh no!!! oh well.. we'll have more hours of daylight... and I am thankful for that

4.) the simple, essentials in life: the breath which connects us to our hearts.. our minds... and all that we love... every one... I am thankful for the essentials of life...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 69 /365

Finally Friday...and the whistle has blown at! It's amazing how energizing it is to shift into the energy of the weekend, especially with the sporadic Spring-like weather we've had this week. Right now... I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) the good night's sleep I received... all 8 hours..and in my bed; and the "corrections" from Pure Reign added to my bedroom...and my whole house

2.) my heart feels this news deeply... about "Lima" the zebra that escaped from the circus grounds after being frightened by a loud noise...he/she was euthanized this week. Here's a brief article about it. I am thankful to Lima...she's pointed me to deeper wisdom within myself, and deeper acknowlegment and awareness of what's going on within me..and I thank her.... I'm getting teary; plus...animals shouldn't be in captivity anyway! I look upon my awareness of this happening, as a blessing; I'm rarely in that part of the building at work, and if I'd not been, I probably wouldn't have seen the news report. I will work with Lima's gift...her "Zebra Medicine" with gratitude, love and reverence for her spirit. Thank you, Lima... may you rest in peace...and may we all be touched by your spirit.

3.) feeling good... and my energy is stable... and I am grounded... rooted in well-being

4.) my friend, Laura...and her inspiration and love she always exudes - I am thankful for her presence... thank you Laura... for being in my life...and for our friendship...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 68 /365

Taking a breath in...I'm smiling... and I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) talking with my friend BC today... and our discussion about the universe, the Milky our relationship to all of the above; it's always an adventure sharing with BC!..and the video he shared with me on the Universe from the Natural Museum of History...I'll have to find the link...

2.) breathing easy...

3.) a relaxing energy at the end of the day..

4.) embracing this moment... and knowing...trusting.. all is well, and that my work is to be present in the here and now... right here, right now, everything is just fine...

5.) creativity! expressing, it...sharing it... talking about it with others who love to express creatively; living is a creative act

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 67 /365

What an evening... the windows are open with the Spring breeze blowing through. Right now, I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) sitting comfortably, in my body...and the bodywork I had today...and my doctor's insight into what's going on, and what helps me...and his encouragement, and wit!

2.) meeting up with Lisa this evening... it's always a reflective and enlightening time

3.) this gorgeous's 67 right now!'s refreshing

4.) chatting with Brenda about our love of creativity...especially collage of all kinds

5.) my healing, enduring spirit; and the souls in my life who love me and lovingly invite me to go with as intution leads...and that they're here with me every step of the way...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 68 /365

Today.. I am grateful for:

1.) the reassurance of having family and friendships

2.) this moment... my breath and staying grounded...

3.) collaging and playing in what's becoming my art journal; and discovering more of what relaxes me.. like using markers to paint the pages as a background.. this simple movement is very grounding and centering...

4.) my willingness to stick my toe out of my comfort zone...even if it's a smidgen; and integrate that into my life; I'm thankful for small, consistent steps

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 67 /365

Ahh.. it was so nice walking home from the train via the scenic route, vs. the noisier main street route. I am grateful for that as well as:

1.) was still daylight as I walked home...I got to see the graceful, majestic strucutres of the old, old trees...and to see them against the dusk sky... ahh, it was heaven; I stopped to bask in their was "blessing of the trees" ...I could feel my breathing slow down, and my spirit quicken as I absorbed their loving vibration...their compassion...and their glory... it was indeed the "blessing of the trees"

2.) catching up with my friend, Shelley of Expressive Art ... it's been good sharing with her over the last few days, about life, our mutual passion: creativity - especially collage; and gratitude and the book, The Gentle Art of Blessing... which she blogged about; speaking of blessing, connecting with Shelley always blesses me in many ways...

3.) a relaxing Sunday.. and allowing myself to go with the flow, without making myself feel bad 'cause of "shoulds"... a major part of my ability to do that is the good night's sleep, unlike none I've had in a while,...coupled with the ELF release at the event yesterday at Pure Reign...everything came together for a heightened sense of well-being...ahh.. thank you...

4.) by page... in the my Women's Medicine Circle journal that Lisa gave us ... I'm enjoying the art journal it's becoming... something new for me; appreciating this new sister circle

5.) hearing from Kamaria today.. yes! we're making arrangements for her to come...yay!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 66 /365

Today...I am aware of my gratitude for...

1.) the refreshing night's sleep I had.. on the sofa... away from the strong interference fields of EMFs, digital and wireless waves that bombard our planet.. I am grateful that I'm working on getting my home "corrected" to neutralize these effects - so my home can truly be a haven..and restful place, regardless of what room I sleep in...

2.) the inspiration from the tv show Clean House... I love Niecie Nash and that she and her team encourage and support families to deal with life issues by letting go of stuff! ...letting go so a clear space can be made for something new and better to inhabit their life; letting go...of physical and emotional stuff..and getting rid of the physical stuff can be the beginning the letting go of the emotions hold people back.. what a beautiful lesson this show exhibits...

3.) Rev. Michael Beckwith's words of truth: "That which we appreciate, appreciates".

4.) the encounter I had recently in the cafe near work.... with a little boy about three years old; we talked about eating lunch and drinking water...and he picked up this 1/2 liter of water...and gave it to me... so very sweet

5.) Nature and the chorus of the sounds of Spring.. nearly all the snow has melted.. ahh, it's a breath of fresh air and happy anticipation

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 65 /365

How wonderful that we're experiencing the promise of Spring these last few days. Today it's sunny, bright...and I swear I can feel and see the buds in divine waiting within the trees, although still bare to the naked eye. I love this kinship I have with the trees. In this moment I am deeply grateful for that as well as...

1.) the inspiration and heart-smiles I receive from visiting my friend Debra via her blog.... thank you Deb.. for sharing your heart's insight with the world

2.) my passion and soul's devotion to creativity; whether it's for creativy's sake.. or with the conscious intention to explore my inner-world and what lies there (memories, expereinces, inspiration, resistence, pain, questions...) -- exploring and learning about myself and life this way is tending to my Soul's Flower Garden... whether I realize it or not: preparing the soil, planting the seeds, weeding, admiring the blooms and letting their energy merge with mine, removing the "dead heads" from the spent blooms ...and allowing the soil, the roots, seeds and bulbs to do what they do in their innately directed rest...before their next season's bloom. I like seeing life as a Flower Garden... and appreciate the blooms of the seeds I've planted as well as the unexpected blooms of "volunteers" and wildflowers that show up...its a part of their DNA as well as mine - I love my Flower Garden... dandy lions and all .. and, as I write this I am reminded of the heartiness of dandy lions.. hmm.. time for me to explore and cultivate Dandy Lion Medicine - thank you flower kingdom, for your multi-faceted gifts!

3.) the quote "I am stepping out of my daily routine. My intent is to explore the mysteris buried inside me that words cannot express." from Victoria Cummings via her article* in the May-June 2007 Spirituality & Health magazine featuring process painting teacher, Pamela Hochstetter... that quote reminds me how powerful it is to be aware of and acknowledge what I am doing, and my intent.. and not being hooked on what will or won't happen in the process or how it will look, but to surrender to and trust the process.. that in itself is the Gift and the Medicine of experiencing creativity as a spiritual journey vs. being pre-occupied with the end result (easier said than done, so I continue to practice, practice, practice;..and each practice session mines my Soul's Gold whether I realize it or not).... for me, that is the ultimate in soul-tending.. mining the ancient treasures within the ultra-thin layers of my soul, the layers,...dense with wisdom and guidance and love;... it's a signficant seed in the Flower Garden of my Whole Life

4.) my winding, seemingly-elusive journey to full, self-acceptance...and self-love

*Click here to read Victoria Cummings' article, "Paint Your Sprit"
Pamela Hochstetter's website is here

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 64 /365

Yay... it's Friday! It was a day mostly filled with blue skies and sunshine... I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) getting out at lunch and enjoying the fresh air, and...

2.) spending time in the Chicago Temple, just a few blocks from work; spent about 20 minutes or so in sacred inner-silence...inside their beautiful, colorful sancutary...cocooned away from the hustle and bustle and noise of downtown Chicago; it's the only place I know of that's quiet - no outside noises.. what a blessing! I will definitely return

3.) Hearing from my beautiful friend Helen, of Love Yourself Coaching... I look forward to talking with her on Sunday

4.) feeling better in my body...and being

5.) Kamaria.. loved getting her voice mail today - and looking forward to our time together

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 63 /365

Ahh.. how nice to arrive home form work, energized yet relaxed. On a whim, I stayed after work to handle condo Board business and felt good about accomplishing that (hmm.. now to accompliish "my" agenda!)... at any rate, I realize there's something about the end of the day, when there's not likely the possibility of being interrupted or having to juggle and beat the clock (like I have to do when trying to do admin stuff at lunch)'s very calming after everyone's gone home...and I don't have the distractions that I do at home. I'm also aware that doing it on the spur of the moment is beneficial.. otherwise I might resist, procrastinate and end up making myself feel bad. So.. all in all, I am feeling good..and I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) my realization of the insight I just mentioned, above...

2.) coming home and "drumming my day"... after the drum circle on Tuesday, I'm again reminded of the wondrous clearing ability of the drum.. so as soon as I came home I beat my drum ...honoring the day; and I just love the drum I made at the Drum Makiing retreat at Full Cirlce Retreat in WI last fall

3.) learing about SoulCollage Prayer Cards via a faciliatator's newsletter...and the generous sharing of the spiritual director who shared her beautiful work with this process

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 62 /365

Today.. I am aware of my gratitude for:

1a.) Kamaria... just hearing her voice, talking with her, and talking about an upcoming visit...oh heart is singing!, she was honored today at work with an award, the Ishobon (sp?) Award... it means #1 in Japanese... her manager, and his manager made a special visit to present her with the aware .. I am so happy for you, Kamaria, that like me, they recognize the beautiful, efficient, generous, mature, intelligent, compassionate, fair, service-minded...and good being that you are..

1b.) the people in my life who make me laugh... like cheekoshep...and George

2.) so many thoughtful, caring people in my, my neighbor Dennis dropped me off at the train even though I was earlier than usual... he circled back to get his wife, who'd not come outside yet

3.) my co-worker Bill B. - for caring enough to stop and talk with me about what's going on with me..and inspiring me to work out the best of my ability, even if it'ss different than what I used to do... he and I go back to 1980s...when running was a part of my workout - thanks, Bill

4.) the you man at the Halsted St. Deli who smilled, and held the door for me

5.) another good treatment from Dr. Shepherd today...getting me back on track, bit by bit..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 61 /365

Feeling good this evening...and, it's been a good day. I am thankful for:

1.) feeling much better today, than yesterday... feeling much more my body and my mind is sharper today; I am thankful for this...'cause last night I had no clue that today my overall sense of well being would be so good.. .so elevated... thank you!

2.) the inspiration from watching the triumphant, joyful spirit of Roger Ebert today on Oprah...he and his wife were guests; it's stories like his...seeing him be of good cheer, genuinely...that I say to myself... I too can be triumphant over whatever I'm going through; thank you Roger and Chaz...and Oprah for bringing his story to the light

3.) going to drumming circle tonight... facilitated by my friend, Jun; the benefits are invigorating and healing to the body system.. ahh.. thank you Jun, and Remo, Inc. for blessing the world abundantly with this marvelous work

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 60 /365

A good day...and then got better... I am grateful for:

1.) finding out about the book, The Gentle Art of Blessing.. oh my Goodness! was just the soothing balm my heart needed... the Highter Plane my heart was seeking.... sometimes you can know something, and hear or read about what you know, but the method or person delivering it makes all the difference in the world.. I am thankful to the author, and he so generously shares excerpts online, here... ...dear author, I bless you and yours from the depths of my heart..and in gratitude for the work you're doing, and sharing - and I bless everyone who enters best to you, yours..and all that concerns you...

2.) this day...this life...this moment...and all the moments that take me to the next, which in the blink of an a heartbeat... changed the course of my outlook, my experience...and upleveled my sense of optimism..

3.)... I am thankful to me for allowing myself to follow my intution...which always steers me, secures me...and is the devoted, spiritual-lighthouse of my life... I thank you

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59 /365

A semi-overcast day...weatherwise, yet it's a balmy 28 degrees. Today.. I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) the message I received today while still resting in bed, "freedom"... yes.. freeing myself from whatever's in the way of my joy, beauty, passion for life... embracing, allowing and intending for freedom to reign..

2.) the new sisterhood connection with the Women's Medicine Circle yesterday... yet another blessed energy that helps in my "freedom"

3.) learning about a new bird.. "grackel"...looking forward to learning more as he is my guardian and guide this year on my Medicine Circle journey

4.) sleeping in today.. a nice deep sleep..sinking deeper and deeper into was great..

5.) the clearing up of highly charged EMF and digital smog in my condo unit...thanks to the Power Guard that Barb brought over... it made a huge difference after only a few minutes.. I am thankful my body can rest and heal (at least at home) from the assaults it'd been getting

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 58 /365

Today was a day filled with...something new... a class in the morning, deepening my connection in living "in my heart"...and the first day of the year-long Women's Medicine Circle..what a way to spend the day... I am grateful for:

1.) the array of teachings and practices that have found their way to me...healing, learning to "be" with myself and "be" myself in a whole new way...acutally, it's our "first nature"

2.) the beautiful sisterhood that's been established with the Medicine Circle

3.) the vast possibilities that are opened to..and the potentials that are tapped and allowed to come forth...and the mystery and excitement of the unknown that is being cultivated as we delve into the work and energy of our Medicine Circle

4.) Barb at Pure Reign ...and all she does....

5.) an enjoyable, tasty dinner with a friend at J.B. Winberie

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 57 /365

Yes... Friday... the portal to the weekend...yay! I am thankful for M-Thu too, but Friday evening has a special place in my do long weekends and vacation days; I am thankful for:

1.) connecting with Laura H. today via e-mail..(and through her comments on this blog..and me visiting her blog)... what a dear spirit..and dear friend she is; I am so glad our paths have crossed

2.) learning to be with whatever's going on with me.. and not resisting it..and knowing it too will pass; everyday isn't energetic and amazing...sometimes it just plugs I listen inwardly and do, or don't do.. whatever it is I'm led to; I guess its the contrast that makes the good times, they say, how would we know joy if we never experienced pain?

3.) at work today the company ordered in lunch and we watched the Olympic Hockey game..US vs. Finland - it was a nice change of pace...and generous of them

4.) sticking with handling the details of personal paperwork, after work today.... eventually it'll get easier keeping up with it all

5.) the beginning of the Women's Medicine Circle - at Whispers from the Moon Studio .. a year-long adventure, inward journey...treasure hunt, discovery, healing...and whatever else Sprit has in store

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 56 /365

The spirit of gratitude resides... ahh... I am grateful for:

1) the gift of the "Eye of the Hawk Reading" (SoulCollage) that Mili Ballard shared with us and facilitated tonight via Anne Marie. Uncovering this gem of a a way to go deeper into ourselves via SoulCollage and the gife Mili shared with us; I look forward to going even deeper with the cards of my reading tonight. thank you Mili and Anne Marie!

2.) feeling better in my body... yep.. no pain today in neck, shoulders.. just a little stiff tonight... I am thankful for the naturally renewing presence within our body.. and that I have healers in my life that know how to help remove what's in the way of the natural healing... thank you, thank you, thank you

3.) ceremony and ritual in my life.. the awareness of needing and wanting to create more of it

4.) beauty... beauty all around

5.) living from..and being in.. my heart center - living from that space makes a huge difference...and I am thankful to the experiential class "The Power of One"that opened the awareness, and the Practice; I am thankful to Margaret B. for our conversation last night... helped me gain perspective

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 55 /365

Yes...another day... a good day. I am grateful for:

1.) feeling better in my neck, shoulders and upper back; and for the wonderful treatment by Dr. Shepherd and the Pure Reign team

2.) Catchng up with my friend, Lisa S. today

3.) expanded creative community - Saturday starts the year-long Women's Medicine & Creativity Circle, faciliated by Lisa S.

4.) my nice, warm down coat...and mittens

5.) having energy at the end of the work day ...yes! thank you!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 54 /365

Tuesday... a good day... I am thankful for:

1.) ahh.. relief in my neck and shoulders... treatment from Dr. Shepherd; he's getting me back on track after overdoing it at restorative yoga.. no more of that for me

2.) the buzz of a busy day at work.. keeps me sharp... especially preparing for the Oscars!

3.) talking with Pattie G. work ...about all the wonderful holistic options available to us

4.) catching up with Grace G. recently... looking forward to meeting her for lunch in April

5.) inspiration from Kelley extraordinary jewelry designer, and friend...her success has been consistenly abundant - and that's a reminder to all of us...that yes, we too can be successful and happy doing what we love, and what we're naturally good at doing

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 53 /365

Ahh..glad to be home on this winter night. I am feeling gratitude for:

1.) the soothing Vata Attar essential oil and the D3 Serum (by PRL) that help tremendously with the tightness in my neck and shoulder muscles - which helps my overall well-being; relief...thank you!

2.) the TV show, Ghost Whisperer

3.) surprises... giving them to my loved ones...surprises of all sizes; the gift and delight is indeed in the giving

4.) Eric at work...he's always so helpful...and makes me laugh

5.) a nice warm home

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 52 /365

A low-key Sunday. Today, I smile as I reflect and feel Gratitude-Joy within me. I am grateful for:

1.) ...having breakfast with a friend at the Morton Arboretum...and walking around the grounds taking in the outside museum of trees and shrubs

2.) ...a phone call from Kamaria...and our conversation; I am thankful she's doing good..and sounds good - she is an ever-giving blessing in my life

3.) ...Black History Month, and being reminded of the strength, courage, persistence, excellence, inspiration, pioneering-spirit of my ancestry; the programs on PBS profiling accomplishments and history as well as local programs in the area - raising awareness and pride

4.) the innate healing properties in the human body - a cooperative event with Mother Nature within us

5.) my sister-friend and neighbor, Pat... it's so good to have her near and fun to visit each other inpromptu..a minute here and there...or a planned time together

6.) my sister, Janet - and keeping up with her; it's always so good to re-connect with her...and to see all the creative stuff she's doing, from quiliting, to crocheting to researching the family tree and putting together a book or us all... she's quite an inspiration - I love you Janet

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 51 /365

A chilly, overcast day today... that's OK. Today...I appreciate:

1.) the class Barb taught today at Pure Reign today, the learnings, the techniques, the benefits...and the people

2.) going to see Avatar again tomorrow, this time with Barb

3.) that I finished Anne Marie's Medicine Doll... who's medicine is the celebration of life...the joy of life... - I think she's gonna love it!

4.) the sweet dog "Cubby" - a neighbor's blond mix of hmm...poodle and German Shepherd maybe? They went all the way to Ohio to adopt him from an Amish rescue - I love how Cubby's tale wags and he does this howl-bark and tries not to leap when he sees me... I'm glad to see him too

5.) revelation - of what I simply have to let go of in order to live my expanded life; Barb's class helped tremdously today in transforming our "stuff"...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 50 / 365

Wow.. 50 days of journaling my gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness for life and the life of all those who touch me...for a minute, a month, a year, a day...or a lifetime; this experience is bringing into close view of what is meaningful to me. I am thankful for:

1.) posting my 50th day of gratitude... yay!

2.) the awareness of the generosity of people, regardless of the actual thing given...the biggest gift is the consciousness of giving, the generosity...from the heart from gestures to tokens, to smiles and all else on either side of these... there are generous givers everywhere! I am appreciative of the person who gave me the last slice of a treat at no charge..."have a good day!" she said to me...with a smile

3.) a good juicy apple

4.) days that just humm along...unfurling like a blooming just the right pace for me

5.) plants and flowers.. they light up my surroundings...and make my heart smile

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 49 /365

A good day... even more Spring-like than yesterday... in the mid-30s and sunny! Here's what I appreciate about today...and about my life:

1.) a nice warm Hymalayan Sea Salt bath - it's like Chicken Soup for the Soul

2.) the warm, cheeful energy of the man who sells the Tribune on Lake Street...and the young lady who sells the Sun Times on State Street... it's a sandwich of cheeful greetings in the morning

3.) feeling good

4.) enduring friendships

5.) that the internet helps make the whole world feel like "a neighborhood" - that combined with the intention of reaching out and finding like-hearted soulful people... birds of a feather truly do flock together - the radar goes out and we all find each's a beautiful thing

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 48 /365

What a Good Day! This is the best I've felt in a long time.. I can't remember when; my overall sense of well-being is body/body systems are strengthened and my mental, emotional and spiritual health is cohesive, grounded and integrated... I am thankful for:

1.) ...all the work I've been doing with Barb and her team at Pure well as with Dr. Shepherd..and all of my healing practioners is paying off. I am thankful for all my friends who've encouraged me..and held the high watch as I trekked through this still ongoing journey... I realize that as long as we're on the planet.. it's an "ongoing journey"

2.) the delightful surprise of a red envelope and Valentine's Day card from my dear friend, Anne Marie... how thoughtful she is... and the sentiment was so touching... thank you Anne Marie!

3.) Kamaria's voice mail today... although I would've loved to speak with was so good to hear her voice - and that she thought of me and called

4.) ...I now enjoy tea without sugar (thanks to what I talk about above, in #1) - Allegre's "Fruit Ambrosia" organic tea from Whole Foods is my new favorite

5.) getting an e-mail from dear friend, Royce - it'd been a while..and I understand why

6.) peaceful ride home tonight on Metra...and the 20-minute, unwinding walk home

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47 /365

A beautiful Winter day...and I am thankful for:

1.) the good, solid night's sleep I had - and that I was able to sleep in

2.) being in the mode of gettting rid of...letting go of what I don't: love, need or use ...mostly in my physical environment, but I know it's on all levels too

3.) how one simple move can be powerful - moving my furniture on Saturday (thanks to Randy & Carol) provided many openings..and glimpses of what's possible; that single move is still having it's way with me

4.) taking time to work a little bit on a creative project... my dolls - it's wonderful how indulging my muse.. when she comes - does wonders for the spirit!

5.) my healing body, mind and spirit - and for the healers and angels in my life that assist my journey into healing

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46 /365

Ahh.. a day off work...and another one tomorrow...Yippee!! I am thankful for that, as well as:

1.) the wonderful day I had today with Rev. J. we went to lunch at The Blue Max Cafe and had a grand time chatting and enjoying our budding friendship... I also enjoyed showing her the beautiful Maze Library - a grand time indeed!

2.) declaring February as "Freedom from Stuff" month... yes!! It feels good to be clearing out stuff I don't need... unshackling myself from it. I thank Rev. J. for not only her pep talk, but for laying it out to me as only she can... to not let myself be ruled by "things" - Thank you Rev. J. !

3.) following through on taking care of myself... and listening to more music and public radio as I am "up and doing" at home -

4.) Restorative Yoga - which I'm on my way to in a few minutes - another way of taking care of my body; body/mind work

5.) taking a few minutes to work on an Intention/Medicine Doll I'm making for a friend

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 45 /365

A mostly quiet, yet full day. So glad I went to Unity again this week, blessings runneth over. Today is a day of gratitude for the beautiful souls in my life, those I mention here, and those I've not yet mentioned..but whose names and spirit is written in my heart. I am thankful for the richness of my life, in the loving, caring friends and family I have..and for the opportunities that arise that allow me to know, and experience that. I am also grateful for:

1.) Juanita (in the tech room) at Unity... what a radiant soul she is, a generous heart, her sharing of wisdom and inspiration... i am thankful for her telling me to consciously greet myself in the mirror each day

2.) seeing Kasey today at Unity..the first time in a long good to see my dear friend; and the treat that she sang today!! She sang "My Funny Valentine" like I've never heard it; visiting with her afterward

3.) seeing faces of new freinds at Unity (Linda) and old ones, Ron, Vernon, Delores... felt good to be in their radiant energy

4.) talking to Zaundra today...for over an hour.. oh, that did my heart good!'d been a long time, and talking with her was like we'd never stopped - a sign of real freindship

5.) keeping up with my dear frined Laura Hegfield - and that she keeps up with me; she's a lovely, loving soul...filled with inspiration; I'm very thankful she's in my life

6.) talking with Bernard and Duane today...wishing them Happy Valentine's Day.. Billy too

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 44 /365

A good day today. It almost felt like Spring.. a sunny, chilly spring day - a cheery day. I am thankful for:

1.) my thoughtful, compassionate, nurturing, hairdresser and friend, Bessie

2.) the care and learning I receive for my body, physiology, mind and spirit at Pure Reign; learning from Jason about zeta potential and its role in our health, tv and other interesting things

3.) my walk today with Randy & Carol...and our visit at their house afterward; their help in moving my living room furniture opened up renewed energy, ideas and encouragement in making changes at home

4.) National Public Radio - the unique and expanded programs they offer

5.) the way when I set and release an intention, and send out my prayers , that I receive just what I need in regard to what I prayed/asked for...and the many forms it comes in... thank you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43 /365

Ahh...finally Friday, and a four-day weekend ahead for me. I exhale, feel my self rooted in my body, connected. I am thankful for:

1.) becoming more and more grounded within my being; allowing my mind and heart to find balanced, harmonious integration in my physical body - making way for a more balanced life

2.) being satisfied with less sugar in my tea; feeling good I am doing something nurturing for myself

3.) my lunch with Nancy G. at work; and the wonderful sharing about life that we always do whenever we get together... I am thankful for all that we learn from each other

4.) catching up with Lisa S.-S. today; another good sharing and catching up

5.) feeling good to be home; and I am thankful to have my home

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42 /365

At lunchtime I took a walk toward the lake front...through the park...and let myself simply be with the vibration of Nature. The trees, many of them still holding depths of snow, and the still white snow all over the larger areas...and the bright, bright was peaceful, and beautiful, and assuring. I am thank for:

1.) my lunch time walk, the splendor of Nature...and the brief conversation I had with another walker, who stopped by the bench where I was sitting

2.) learning about the programs at Renewal in the Wilderness, from a freind

3.) my friend sharing with me the winter wonderland of snow paths and hills, he and his wife (and son) built...for the little one's enjoyment .. oh what a gleefull experience!

4.) realizations... revelations... inviting them... realzing when they've come....and saying YES to them.. as they represent the unfoldment and the actualizations of what I've asked for on some level... what my heart has desired

5.) life... all of it

6.) the guiding light and wisdom of Howard Thurman's words: "...decide and abide" from his book, For the Inward Journey; and to Rev. Michael Beckwith for talking about it on his CD, The Vibration of the Most High

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41 / 365

Tonight I enjoyed a different route home, making my way throught the neighborhood and the 6+ inches of snow. Seeing all the old Victorian homes, and others all lit up with the goings-on of the families inside, was heart warming and... made me reminisce back to the home of my childhood, both in Ohio and Michigan - made me smile. In this moment gratitude springs up from me for:

1.) living in such a beautiful, historical neighborhood of diversity; .and that its close enough to work

2.) more hours of daylight...Yay! It's getting lighter and lighter outside every day

3.) a nice, warm bath to settle into... with my new favorite essential oil, Vertiver - it's good for getting grounded; and I'm thankful for Nancy Santo Pietro's book on Feng Shui and Health - where I read about Vertiver

4.) my ever-deepeing appreciation for the animal kingdom... especially dogs and cats, but there's so much to learn from the entire kingdom - I'm enjoying their lessons and fascinated by their instincts...and how Nature takes care of them...threfore Nature, takes care of us too

5.) reconnecting with my friends Marta & Lloyd after a long, long time from talking with them

6.) good... and I am very thankful for mine, and that I get to share it with those whom I share it with..from family, to friends, to co-workers, to those I encounter each day in the blink of an's all very powerful.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 40 /365

Just got home from a blizzardy commute. It's been snowing since this morning, is expected to continue all night. It's that good "packing" snow.. the kind snow ball fights are made of... and snow men..and women... and sledding... and children playing, sticking out their tongue to catch snow flakes..and dogs frolicking for joy... it's the snow of snow angels. My journey home was a good and safe one. I am thankful and appreciative of that, as well as:

1.) the accoustics of a heavy snow fall; it's a blanket of softness, the paradox of the "sound of quiet" it creates... the conscious breathing it inspires

2.) my safe journey & arrival home... and those of friends and loved ones

3.) ....I got a kick out of the Weather Channel playing the "Theme from Shaft", in this evening's report... ya gotta love that!

4.) screening the pilot episode of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" at work today... and for his commitment to getting world citizens on track to healthier eating and healthier lives

5.) feeling good in my body... healing continues in my physical and emotional bodies

6.) the role that creativity (collage, doll-making, creative expression) plays in flushing out what's really going on inside.. as well as the inspirational tool it is for the articulating my life vision and tapping into the subconscious

7.) My brother Billy...for checking in with me more often; and my brothers Duane and Bernard to.. for being there

I am grateful for this whole Gratitude-Joy! process. I am seeing, feeling, and experiencing the lovely, rich, textured tapestry of my life ...and Life. Who knew these Recipes for Gratitude would create such a Feast of Apprciation? ...and the bounty keeps overflowing...and I am thankful.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 39 / 365

I am grateful for...

1.) snowmen.. they make me smile..and love seeing all the creativity; brings back childhood memories

2.) the basics: my life, my breath, Spirit which animates my being

3.) a long sigh, releasing stress...especially when I didn't know I was holding my breath

4.) practicing grounding exercises for the root chakra - settling me into my body, and the earth

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 38 /365

On this sunny, chilly Winter day... I am grateful...

1.) that I went to Unity this morning, and visiting with all the folks I'd not seen in a while; the message was just what I needed to hear, "Cutting the Cords"

2.) to have all my senses... to see the beautiful sunshine and blue sky, beautiful neighborhood and all the goings-on ; to hear the birds chirping, the breeze through the trees, the cicadas; to touch (and rub) the friendly, playful, loving dog I encountered today; to taste fresh bread from the local Red Hen Bakery, and the delcious green beans I had at dinner last night; to smell the refreshing essential oil that lingered in the bathroom, after my bath; to feel love, appreciation, compassion in my heart

3.) for the outline of the trees against the sky at dusk, it invites contemplation and thanksgiving

4.) for the heart-shaped mandala I made a few months ago..that sits on my table and reminds me to speak my heart ..and to listen and heed as my heart speaks to me; and that is what we all must do... when we listen and heed to the Heart of our heart, only Good can come of it

5.) for realizing where and what I must to let go of... in order to grow and expand into the fullness of my being; the essence of "Cutting the Cords' - as was today's message at Unity

6.) the ever-present companion of Gratitude and how my relationship with it has opened my life and sense of appreciation...immensely

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 37 /365

Today... I appreciate...

1.) my willingness to look at things in a new way

2.) time spend with my friend Lee today, over brunch

3.) the "Reflection Card" writing... Brenda sent me, from her personal deck; inspiring and challenges me to go surrender

4.) a situation that's challenging me to trust... and not worry

5.) how important it is to conscioiusly breathe, especially in stressful times

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 36 /365

Ahh...The end of the 9-5 week... TGIF!! I am also thankful for:

1.) Inspiration that visits me out of the blue...and when I need it most; I'm thankful that despite the noise in my head.. rehearsing the growing to-do list I can still hear Inspiration and Creative Ideas, like....

2.) ... thinking of the stuff I need to do as "Self Development Projects" instead of burdens; I'm gonna do my best to sustain that attitude...and let it abide in me...then I know it will work

3.) the Christmas lights that some people leave up ... it's a nice surprise on my evening walks!

4.) the sound of birds in the Winter.. how do they manage to survive in the cold with their thin feathers? ...another blessing and miracle of Nature

5.) the creative inspiration I receive from so many people and avenues; and today's newsletter from the Arts & Healing Network

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35 /365

It's interesting how energized I can feel at the end of the day at work, sometimes. It's lighter outside.. I get to walk out and see daylight. Right now.....I am grateful for:

1.) Dr. Shepherd and his "good shepherding" of my health - having my best interest at heart, even when I'm in a hurry and don't want to stay for the duration; I also enjoy our good-natured bantering.. makes me laugh; ...and I'm thankful to my friend, Bill...for recommending him to me!

2.) the young man who appointed himself my plant caretaker at work...even though I hardly ever see him... I can tell he's been there; I appreciate the notes he leaves...and his thoughtfulness...the plants and flowers he ocassionally leaves for me brighten my office

3.) today's Oprah...on a wake-up call for our health; I almost didn't watch felt like warning overload...but toward the end there was good news, encouraging news and how small changes can have a big effect on our way or another .. I remember Michelle Obama saying the same thing..that it was the consistent, small changes that turned their family's eating and health around

4.) the quiet at work...after 5pm -- it can be very calming..and very focusing for me to accomplish personal stuff I didn't get done at lunch time; I am thankful for my very good job, my co-workers...and the work environment; I am blessed!

5.) feeling good in my body... smoother functioning of my body... and improvements in my health and well-being

6.) the countless opportunities available for healing and processing via spontaneous self-expression, creative expression with the body (drumming, dancing (Roth)...walking); being conscious that all of these are beneficial on many levels of being

7.) spending time with Kamaria... always

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34 /365

Taking time to reflect...and appreciate life... I am grateful for:

1.) Kamaria's call tonight...and our visit by phone... it did my heart good

2.) drumming tonight at home...feeling the vibration and rhythm of it

3.) the drum I made at Full Circle Retreat last summer...the whole weekend, the experience, the magnificent surroundings...and the people; beautiful memories -- and a great drum

4.) feeling a heightened, sustained sense of well-being...the second day, very encouraging

5.) longer daylight hours... it's still light at 5pm...rather invigorating

6.) today's warmer temperature... in the mid-20s

7.) talking with Brenda today.. always fun, informative and inspiring!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33 /365

Ah...winding down from a relaxing evening of participating in the rhythmic, healing power of drumming... life is good... I am deeply thankful for:

1.) my friend Jun and that we always re-connect at just the right time..and rather synchronistically; through him..many wonderful expereinces (and conversations) come my way... Last April I was gifted with a weekend workshop, talk and musical experience with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, and his wife Rickie Byars Beckwith...a lifechanging experience! ...tonight Jun held a Drumming Experience... feeling the transformational vibration of the group, and the experience of playing and experiencing it within my being...feeling the vibrational change in the room.. realzing the power in the vibration to heal. Thank you Jun.

2.) I am truly, deeply thankful that the creator puts in our path the who, what where, when, why and how...just when we need it; and that this happens when I listen to my the voice that says "I wonder how so-and-so is".. or realizing I thought that thought a few times over the last few weeks and its time to contact that person! ...that's Spirit's Voice... blessing me, and I am blessed abundantly when pay attention, and heed; doing so can change everything!

3.) the winter wonderland, picture postcard snow we had this morning...and milder temperatures

4.) renewed hope and encouragement

5.) the healing power of Rainbow Obsidian...and for my friend for teaching me how to use it

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 32 /365

Today.... I come with challenge...and trust in the process...and the Spirit of Gratitude. I am thankful for:

1.) inspiring CDs from Michael Beckwith.. the Vibration of the Most High in particular... touched and uplifted me today; brought clarity and focus...and comfort... his Work always takes me deeper

2.) rememberances of old friends...that make me smile; appreciating what they bring to my life...even if I haven't talked w/them for a while... their soul-print still lingers in my heart and being

3.) taking action today...small steps in creating order at home

4.) solitude

5.) finally catching up with old friend Kathy O.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 31 /365

Just got back from an evening walk, after spending all day indoors... I am thankful for:

1.) having choices, and "deciding" to go for a walk

2.) running into a neighbor, Linda..and her dog Maui... on my walk; and for her adventuresome spirit... she's moving to Sante Fe, New Mexio next April! -- I find that inspiring.

3.) my SoulCollage-Sister...and soul-friend, Brenda; her sensitivity, compassion, goodness. creative and generous spirit are a God-send. Thank you Brenda, for your friendship...and for lifting me up today.

4.) the healing quality of tears...and for letting them come...and for the heart-relief they provide...especially when witnessed by a friend who understands; a good boo-hoo is good medicine... clears away stuff... like the rain

5.) hearing more of what I need to hear...and what I intiutively know... to "trust"...and rest in that from that energy (vs. worry; and realizing worry can be disguised as other emotions and self-talk. I am thankful for this being in my face once I can take my trust level up, up, up a few notches...or a many ways...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 30 /365

A sunny winter Saturday.... I am thankful for:

1.) coming into a warm home after being out in the cold

2.) emotions - and being aware of them; they're beacons that point me inward to discovery and healing

3.) the moon...and all it represents

4.) naps

5.) chocolate

6.) the folks at Pure Reign...and the services they offer

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 29 /365

Ahh...the companionship of Gratitude...breathes with me, inspires me... I am thankful for this as well as:

1.) The poem that Gratitude inspired today:
Pieces of Gratitude...
Precious gemstones of my heart....
Strung together...
with the thread...
...of thankfulness

2.) following my intuition

3.) friends who "knew me when"

4.) portable creativity

5.) mom's sweet potato pie

6.) hearing Kamaria's voice, talking with her... and listening to her voice-mails over and over again... marveling that "this is my daughter!"... all grown up

7.) that Kamaria is doing well... that she sounds good... and that she's with family

8.) catching the 5:19 Metra train home tonight

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28 / 365

Realizing that gathering and affectionaly reflecting on all these gratitude gems, again makes me realize how rich I am.. how rich and full my life is...and even though every thing might not be exactly like I want it right now...those things too can come to pass and in the meantime, I can enjoy life! I am appreciative of:

1.) the above realization

2.) the bright "sky blue".. clear sky today...and the radiant sunshine

3.) compassionate, understanding co-workers

3.) Earth Angels at the eye doctor's office -- every one of them; espcially Diane who "got me in" today

4.) strength of spirit, even the the "little me" thinks she wants to give up

5.) family...!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 27 /365

Ahh.. it's very cold here, snowing... blowing snow. I am thankful for:

1.) being home..and warm..and comfortable

2.) the gift of 2 issues of Audubon magazine from my doctor - fascinating reading and pictures, and great images for my collages!

3.) workdays with a nice pace

4.) the growth experience of being on the Condo Board

5.) peaceful, creative evenings... and "feeling the flow"

6.) Life... it's good

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 26 /365

A relaxing evening.... a day where reflection was my companion...and my comfort. I am grateful for:

1.) the comfort of reflection...and trusting... and releasing more and more

2.) realizing that worry does not help anything... and that Affirmative Prayer helps everything

3.) watching Nova and the incredible program: "The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies" - talk about witnessing the miracle of nature! To actually see a catapillar create a cocoon, then watch him change/transform into a different body (4 times!) before he creatues the pupa, where he/she "tranforms" 10 days later into a Monarch Butterfly - before my eyes! And then.. these butterflies migrate from Canada and North America to specific mountains in Mexico for the winter... traveling over 2,000 miles! I am thankful for the technology that allowed me to witness the incredible, miracle of nature.

4.) my healthy eyes and eye sight; and God working through the Iris Guardians...that did their healing work...and continue their work on my behalf... thank you, thank you, thank you

5.) a good night's sleep...

6.) my continued growth and expansion... and willingness to do the work... and Grace for carrying me through... thank you

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25 /365

Finally... I get to settle down before's been a good day one I am truly grateful for, because:

1.) for the first time in long time, I've felt grounded, focused, present to the moment, at peace; I am very thankful for that and I am thankful for all the programs, and tools, and remedies, and prayers and processes...and family and heart-friends that have helped me this far; I am rich ...receiving what I need... thank you, thank you, thank you

2.) the calm evening I had...along with a healthy dinner - ahh.. things are looking up!

3.) the loving messages on my answering machine from family and friends; thank you all for being here...and being my family and friends - you are beautiful spirits..and I apppreciate and love you very much

4.) I've gotten to park my car all day without getting a ticket...for quite a while now.. yes!

5.) feeling more at ease in my body... feeling better; the aches and pains are considerably less today.. hallelujah!

6.) sleeping like a rock.. and awakening refreshed

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 24 /365

Through the tough times...through the internal and external challenges I am thankful that :

1.) Spirit always brings me back to Its blessings...and my grateful heart

2.) the sound of wind and rain this morning as I woke up; it's had an intersting, calming affect on me... it reminds me of the family growing up.. everyone had something creative they were doing in the house..daddy in his wood shop, mom either baking bread or sewing....and it gave me a secure, warm and fuzzy feeling...and a sense of peace and connectness... a heart-glow that I've missed terribly.... but, I am thankful for this memory...and for this life with my parents, while I had them on Earth

3.) Native-American flute ...and its music

4.) cleansing, healing tears

5.) the nurturing energy of Nature ...the wind, the rain, the flowers, trees...birds, insects.. all of it; the sun..the moon.. bodies of water - all teach and nurture the soul

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23 /365

This Saturday day afternoon I'm snug as a bug in a rug at home... very thankful to have it; and my heart filled with radiating prayers for the people of Haiti... I am thankful ...

1.) that I can pray for them... "knowing" that prayer works; Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn has studies proving this in his work; I am thankful that we as world citizens in various arenas of life have come together to support the Haitians in ways we can: through telethons, by donating $10 per First Lady Michelle Obama's appeal, donating to the Red Cross, the World Food Program

2.) that I'm balancing my life more...experiencing more of it off-line while appreciating the online community I'm a part of as well - balance is the key; I am thankful I listened to myself..and did that

3.) Create TV - a network dedicated to the sharing of passions - inspiration galore!

4.) the feeling of grounded satisfaction that creative expression gives me, be it crocheting, knitting, doll-making, collaging, writing... capturing inspirational whispers which always teach me something; it's indeed a marriage of art-making and soul expression

5.) the angels in my life...that always show up at the precise time I need them, to offer love, guidance, physical help, encouragement... Earth Angels are indeed a Godsend...and I thank you for being in my life

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22 /365

Ahh.. it's the end of the work day week... I am so glad to be home. I am thankful for...

1.) Fridays.. Fridays off are even better

2.) weekends.. long ones and short ones... a chance to re-group, re-coup and re-create

3.) short meetings

4.) a ride home...

5.) the gift of Grace - it's all around us.. thank you

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 21 /365

As I wind down my body...and my mind.. my heart remembers and is grateful for:

1.) the spiritual chiropractic of Morning Pages....

2.) mediating this morning ...and being gentle and encouraging with myself as I "begin again"

3.) Derek Wolcott's poem, "Love after Love" - a welcoming back to my self...with open arms; I am also thankful to learn more about him - a recipient of the Nbel Prize in Literature

4.) the heart-awakeng CD "Healing Harmony" by Merlin's Magic - thank you again, Barb... for sharing your joyful, healing musical library with me

5.) friends... friends... friends.... I am rich, in friendships

Day 20 /365

This morning's quiet time has tilled the soil of of my soul...and gratitude sprouts and blooms...evergreen. I am grateful for:

1.) the wee hours of the morning, arising early to expereince the quiet of the dawning day..and the dawning of my soul's messages

2.) dreaming...

3.) Creative Ideas that flooded me during this morning's writing

4.) healing on all levels .. and the many tools and resources and prayers that assist me in getting there ...healing is indeed a journey.. like a tour of the soul ...and keeping a travel journal is a key to the treasures of healing, revealing, light, and joy....and lots of goodies in between; I know this now more than ever. Thank you Spirit.

5.) encouragement from the Spirit of Creativity - to "grow"... "bring forth..." and "dream big" ...and "trust"...and "carry on..." -- I hear you... and I heed... and I am GLAD to do so. Thank you Spirit, for your encouragement.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19 /365

A pause... a conscious breath in...and out... settling in and feeling the gratitude within; I am thankful for:

1.) paying attention to what works for intuition and the "still small voice" directs...and honoring it

2.) my dear friend and SoulCollagee-siser, Laura at Shine the Divine... her courageous spirit of inner-discovery and strength...and creativity... and for being a channel for the divine...and her encouragement for us to shine ours as well; Laura is an inspiring, delightful blessing in my life.

3.) the guidance, assurance, clarity I recieve from listening to and dialoguing with my Mandalas...and my other art-making; I am so grateful that "creatiivy as spiritual practice" is an inner-compass.. teaching and mentoring me...helping me unearth the treasure of my own self-love

4.) my thoughtful, generous SoulCollage-sister, Audrey Chowdhury...for sending me healing Reiki energy - thank you, thank you, thank you Audrey

5.) getting a seat on the train to work this morning - and for the peaceful ride home tonight

4.) feathers, feathers, feathers! - what stories they must have to tell...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18 /365

Feeling Gratitude-Joy from my heart...through my in each breath... I am grateful for:

1.) the loving, protecting Radiant Presence I felt from the trees while on my nature walk, today and yesterday; and pausing to witness them in their glory...and to take-in, to breathe-in all the love they were beaming to me; I felt like they were holding Court for me... creating sacred, radiant space for my every step, for my life to bloom...and glow. I felt their love and protection. Thank you trees.

2.) "Between the Folds" a fascinating PBS television program on origami like I've never seen before! It was amazing, awesome..and makes you realize how the principle of origami is factored into our every day, i.e. air bags - the way they fold up into the dashboard .. yep, origami!

3.) seeing a campaign sign for a long time family friend, Ade Onayemi, who's running for local public office.. which I didn't know. That's good news for us all!

4.) the three pooches I encountered while on my walk... pure love with fur and four legs...that's what they are.. and I love 'em! ..and they love me to... (she said, giddily!)

5.) Tom Stone's C.O.R.E. technique for dis-integrating stress and anxiety - and my friend B.C. for introducing me to his work. It works.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17 /365

As I settle in, and surf the net a bit... I am again reminded of the Creative Kindreds online that have made a huge difference in my relationship to my creative expression...and my life. I am grateful for:

1.) Leah at Creative Every Day, and the inspiration, information and community that she provides through her project of the same name . I's a place for those who are passionate about creativity, and creative living to gather..share our experiences, our artmaking, our revelations. and well as compassionate support. Thank you Leah!

2.) my home.. the physical place and the spirit of "being home" that I feel when I'm with my loved ones, or doing something I love...or engaging in new things that remind me of what "home" means to me... it's indeed a warmth in my heart... a contentment that satisfies my soul

3.) reading-over greeting cards I've received over the years...and the joy of finding them unexpectedly as I go through a drawer, or a box; ...which reminds me of the one I synchronistically found in October...from Mom...oh my, her presences was palpable - I could hear her saying the words..on the card....just the ones I needed to hear at that tine; so... I am thankful for these treasured seeds that nestle themselves in the soil of my soul..and my home... and bloom again in my presence just when I need it most.

4.) the colorful, textured, eclectic Inspiraton Board in my studio... filled with cards, collages, mandalas, and words and phrases that guide me back a and remind me of joy, beauty, love, my soul's intent... it's a feast for the eyes and its messages are fluid

5.) the howling wolf I saw on You Tube... being drawn to wolf - one of my Guides - I was especially touched to actually see him in his natural way of being...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16 /365

Pausing... and feeling the Spirit of Gratitude...I am thankful for:

1,) my daughter...the talks we have.. being together whenever we can...her sense of humor, her generosiy, her thoughtfulness...and everything in between. I am thankful for the spirit that she is.

2.) The work Barb Fleming and her staff are doing at Pure Reign - on the cutting edge of health, wellness, and rehabilitation of our body, mind and spirit... from the inside out - down to the very biofield of the cells. Thank you Barb for starting...and continuing your work.

3.) Quotes that inspire, like: "Work is love made visible." ~ Kahlil Gibran -- makes me contemplate my idea of work.... all kinds of work

4.) healing music...playing through the night

5.) Twinkling H20s - glimmering water color paints - fun!

6.) the Februaary issue of Audobon magazine...and the unique photos of's kind of like birds meet Candid Camera... very entertaining!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15 /365

Spending time reflecting on the goodness of the day...the generosity of others, the generosity of Life. I am thankful for:

1.) the awareness that the Spirit of Generosity is alive and well; people, helping people through the hard times, friend to friend, stranger to stranger on this side of the world...or another; the spirit of a Generous Heart unites us all

2.) Louise Hay and her "Deep at the Center" flowing affirmation, from her book "You Can Heal Yur Life". I am thankful I was reminded of it at just the right time re-incorporate into my life. Thank you Louise...and thank you for Hay House Radio too :) You are a beloved Force for love and healing in our world.

3.) the guy who held the door open for me today...with a smile!

4.) connecting with a long distance friend...good for the soul indeed

5.) being inspired to work with Julia Cameron's "Vein of Gold"... she always seems to write just what I need to hear... just when I need to hear it -- I am thank ful for the "Journey to the Creative Heart" that she entices us to embark on. Thank you Julia.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14 /165

Today, I continue to be present to.....cultivate...and feel "Gratitude-Joy". Today, I am grateful for:

1.) the countless humanitarian organizations and individuals and personal projects that are created to help others in need... on the other side of the world or in our own back yard.

2.) the gift of prayer that I can give to others, especially the people in their families abroad, who've been affected by the earthquake

3.) the smiling faces of the folks at the Millennium Park ice-skating rink, today at lunch. I felt like I was gliding on the ice with them; a feeling of freedom and invigoration. People of various ages, backgrounds and professions; men in business suits, women in dresses, teens in jeans and seniors in sweats...and everything else in between. Seeing them gliding across the ice, enjoying the music, I realize it's nearly impossible to ice-skate and not smile! ...or witness it and not smile and feel "Gratitude-Joy". It's an enlivening fragrance for the heart. Thank you.

4. ) Julia Cameron and her spirit-liberating work of The Artist's Way, and Your Right to Write

5.) windchimes... I love hearing them, especially the "tinkling" sound of the glass ones...from childhood.. at Grandma's house.. and the brass one I hung in front of my bedroom door as a teenager...and the one on the back porch amid the abundance of flowers in the flower box that Daddy made...yes, thank you Dad for making a space for me to cultivate alive, colorful, 3D-beauty. I love you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13 /365

Taking a deep breath.... and being present with this momentt...I lovingly reflect on my a cosmic slide show of grace; I am filled with the Spirit of Gratitude...I am thankful for my rich, rich life...and I am thankful for:

1.) the unexpected joyful delight of a puppet show at lunch and on my way home from work!. ...thanks to the imaginative creator of Puppet Bike*. ...oh what a joy it was to watch those two kitty-kats dance and wave and pose for photos....the choreography of their dances was too cute. I am thankful that the guy that created this traveling show with charming puppets.. which feel very alive to me... they definitely have personalities! Thank you Puppet Bike creator... this is just what our world needs.. delight and fun and joy and expressed-creativity..and delighting in our unique self-expression. You bring smiles to the hearts and faces of the mulititudes.. thank you! *(click on "dance" and then "dance 3" ...and get ready to feel cheer bubble up within you :)

2.) connecting with my friend, Brenda...twice today... quite unexpectedly. Oh.. friends are such good medicine... and cheer for the heart; thank your dear friend.

3.) Howard Thurman's words: Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” - This is a big, magnificent key to the "joy of living" - it's a gift that keeps on giving. - Thank you Mr. Thurman!

4.) my new journal...and the revealing, centering and insightful process of writing

5.) working with the idea of "process" not "product" in my creativity - much like the idea that it's the journey...not the desitination; I am thankful for the deep journey my creative explorations take me on; I am thankful that Creativity is my mentor.

6. the lady who found my mittens and returned them to me.... mucho gracias!