Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59 /365

A semi-overcast day...weatherwise, yet it's a balmy 28 degrees. Today.. I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) the message I received today while still resting in bed, "freedom"... yes.. freeing myself from whatever's in the way of my joy, beauty, passion for life... embracing, allowing and intending for freedom to reign..

2.) the new sisterhood connection with the Women's Medicine Circle yesterday... yet another blessed energy that helps in my "freedom"

3.) learning about a new bird.. "grackel"...looking forward to learning more as he is my guardian and guide this year on my Medicine Circle journey

4.) sleeping in today.. a nice deep sleep..sinking deeper and deeper into was great..

5.) the clearing up of highly charged EMF and digital smog in my condo unit...thanks to the Power Guard that Barb brought over... it made a huge difference after only a few minutes.. I am thankful my body can rest and heal (at least at home) from the assaults it'd been getting

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 58 /365

Today was a day filled with...something new... a class in the morning, deepening my connection in living "in my heart"...and the first day of the year-long Women's Medicine Circle..what a way to spend the day... I am grateful for:

1.) the array of teachings and practices that have found their way to me...healing, learning to "be" with myself and "be" myself in a whole new way...acutally, it's our "first nature"

2.) the beautiful sisterhood that's been established with the Medicine Circle

3.) the vast possibilities that are opened to..and the potentials that are tapped and allowed to come forth...and the mystery and excitement of the unknown that is being cultivated as we delve into the work and energy of our Medicine Circle

4.) Barb at Pure Reign ...and all she does....

5.) an enjoyable, tasty dinner with a friend at J.B. Winberie

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 57 /365

Yes... Friday... the portal to the weekend...yay! I am thankful for M-Thu too, but Friday evening has a special place in my do long weekends and vacation days; I am thankful for:

1.) connecting with Laura H. today via e-mail..(and through her comments on this blog..and me visiting her blog)... what a dear spirit..and dear friend she is; I am so glad our paths have crossed

2.) learning to be with whatever's going on with me.. and not resisting it..and knowing it too will pass; everyday isn't energetic and amazing...sometimes it just plugs I listen inwardly and do, or don't do.. whatever it is I'm led to; I guess its the contrast that makes the good times, they say, how would we know joy if we never experienced pain?

3.) at work today the company ordered in lunch and we watched the Olympic Hockey game..US vs. Finland - it was a nice change of pace...and generous of them

4.) sticking with handling the details of personal paperwork, after work today.... eventually it'll get easier keeping up with it all

5.) the beginning of the Women's Medicine Circle - at Whispers from the Moon Studio .. a year-long adventure, inward journey...treasure hunt, discovery, healing...and whatever else Sprit has in store

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 56 /365

The spirit of gratitude resides... ahh... I am grateful for:

1) the gift of the "Eye of the Hawk Reading" (SoulCollage) that Mili Ballard shared with us and facilitated tonight via Anne Marie. Uncovering this gem of a a way to go deeper into ourselves via SoulCollage and the gife Mili shared with us; I look forward to going even deeper with the cards of my reading tonight. thank you Mili and Anne Marie!

2.) feeling better in my body... yep.. no pain today in neck, shoulders.. just a little stiff tonight... I am thankful for the naturally renewing presence within our body.. and that I have healers in my life that know how to help remove what's in the way of the natural healing... thank you, thank you, thank you

3.) ceremony and ritual in my life.. the awareness of needing and wanting to create more of it

4.) beauty... beauty all around

5.) living from..and being in.. my heart center - living from that space makes a huge difference...and I am thankful to the experiential class "The Power of One"that opened the awareness, and the Practice; I am thankful to Margaret B. for our conversation last night... helped me gain perspective

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 55 /365

Yes...another day... a good day. I am grateful for:

1.) feeling better in my neck, shoulders and upper back; and for the wonderful treatment by Dr. Shepherd and the Pure Reign team

2.) Catchng up with my friend, Lisa S. today

3.) expanded creative community - Saturday starts the year-long Women's Medicine & Creativity Circle, faciliated by Lisa S.

4.) my nice, warm down coat...and mittens

5.) having energy at the end of the work day ...yes! thank you!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 54 /365

Tuesday... a good day... I am thankful for:

1.) ahh.. relief in my neck and shoulders... treatment from Dr. Shepherd; he's getting me back on track after overdoing it at restorative yoga.. no more of that for me

2.) the buzz of a busy day at work.. keeps me sharp... especially preparing for the Oscars!

3.) talking with Pattie G. work ...about all the wonderful holistic options available to us

4.) catching up with Grace G. recently... looking forward to meeting her for lunch in April

5.) inspiration from Kelley extraordinary jewelry designer, and friend...her success has been consistenly abundant - and that's a reminder to all of us...that yes, we too can be successful and happy doing what we love, and what we're naturally good at doing

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 53 /365

Ahh..glad to be home on this winter night. I am feeling gratitude for:

1.) the soothing Vata Attar essential oil and the D3 Serum (by PRL) that help tremendously with the tightness in my neck and shoulder muscles - which helps my overall well-being; relief...thank you!

2.) the TV show, Ghost Whisperer

3.) surprises... giving them to my loved ones...surprises of all sizes; the gift and delight is indeed in the giving

4.) Eric at work...he's always so helpful...and makes me laugh

5.) a nice warm home

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 52 /365

A low-key Sunday. Today, I smile as I reflect and feel Gratitude-Joy within me. I am grateful for:

1.) ...having breakfast with a friend at the Morton Arboretum...and walking around the grounds taking in the outside museum of trees and shrubs

2.) ...a phone call from Kamaria...and our conversation; I am thankful she's doing good..and sounds good - she is an ever-giving blessing in my life

3.) ...Black History Month, and being reminded of the strength, courage, persistence, excellence, inspiration, pioneering-spirit of my ancestry; the programs on PBS profiling accomplishments and history as well as local programs in the area - raising awareness and pride

4.) the innate healing properties in the human body - a cooperative event with Mother Nature within us

5.) my sister-friend and neighbor, Pat... it's so good to have her near and fun to visit each other inpromptu..a minute here and there...or a planned time together

6.) my sister, Janet - and keeping up with her; it's always so good to re-connect with her...and to see all the creative stuff she's doing, from quiliting, to crocheting to researching the family tree and putting together a book or us all... she's quite an inspiration - I love you Janet

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 51 /365

A chilly, overcast day today... that's OK. Today...I appreciate:

1.) the class Barb taught today at Pure Reign today, the learnings, the techniques, the benefits...and the people

2.) going to see Avatar again tomorrow, this time with Barb

3.) that I finished Anne Marie's Medicine Doll... who's medicine is the celebration of life...the joy of life... - I think she's gonna love it!

4.) the sweet dog "Cubby" - a neighbor's blond mix of hmm...poodle and German Shepherd maybe? They went all the way to Ohio to adopt him from an Amish rescue - I love how Cubby's tale wags and he does this howl-bark and tries not to leap when he sees me... I'm glad to see him too

5.) revelation - of what I simply have to let go of in order to live my expanded life; Barb's class helped tremdously today in transforming our "stuff"...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 50 / 365

Wow.. 50 days of journaling my gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness for life and the life of all those who touch me...for a minute, a month, a year, a day...or a lifetime; this experience is bringing into close view of what is meaningful to me. I am thankful for:

1.) posting my 50th day of gratitude... yay!

2.) the awareness of the generosity of people, regardless of the actual thing given...the biggest gift is the consciousness of giving, the generosity...from the heart from gestures to tokens, to smiles and all else on either side of these... there are generous givers everywhere! I am appreciative of the person who gave me the last slice of a treat at no charge..."have a good day!" she said to me...with a smile

3.) a good juicy apple

4.) days that just humm along...unfurling like a blooming just the right pace for me

5.) plants and flowers.. they light up my surroundings...and make my heart smile

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 49 /365

A good day... even more Spring-like than yesterday... in the mid-30s and sunny! Here's what I appreciate about today...and about my life:

1.) a nice warm Hymalayan Sea Salt bath - it's like Chicken Soup for the Soul

2.) the warm, cheeful energy of the man who sells the Tribune on Lake Street...and the young lady who sells the Sun Times on State Street... it's a sandwich of cheeful greetings in the morning

3.) feeling good

4.) enduring friendships

5.) that the internet helps make the whole world feel like "a neighborhood" - that combined with the intention of reaching out and finding like-hearted soulful people... birds of a feather truly do flock together - the radar goes out and we all find each's a beautiful thing

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 48 /365

What a Good Day! This is the best I've felt in a long time.. I can't remember when; my overall sense of well-being is body/body systems are strengthened and my mental, emotional and spiritual health is cohesive, grounded and integrated... I am thankful for:

1.) ...all the work I've been doing with Barb and her team at Pure well as with Dr. Shepherd..and all of my healing practioners is paying off. I am thankful for all my friends who've encouraged me..and held the high watch as I trekked through this still ongoing journey... I realize that as long as we're on the planet.. it's an "ongoing journey"

2.) the delightful surprise of a red envelope and Valentine's Day card from my dear friend, Anne Marie... how thoughtful she is... and the sentiment was so touching... thank you Anne Marie!

3.) Kamaria's voice mail today... although I would've loved to speak with was so good to hear her voice - and that she thought of me and called

4.) ...I now enjoy tea without sugar (thanks to what I talk about above, in #1) - Allegre's "Fruit Ambrosia" organic tea from Whole Foods is my new favorite

5.) getting an e-mail from dear friend, Royce - it'd been a while..and I understand why

6.) peaceful ride home tonight on Metra...and the 20-minute, unwinding walk home

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47 /365

A beautiful Winter day...and I am thankful for:

1.) the good, solid night's sleep I had - and that I was able to sleep in

2.) being in the mode of gettting rid of...letting go of what I don't: love, need or use ...mostly in my physical environment, but I know it's on all levels too

3.) how one simple move can be powerful - moving my furniture on Saturday (thanks to Randy & Carol) provided many openings..and glimpses of what's possible; that single move is still having it's way with me

4.) taking time to work a little bit on a creative project... my dolls - it's wonderful how indulging my muse.. when she comes - does wonders for the spirit!

5.) my healing body, mind and spirit - and for the healers and angels in my life that assist my journey into healing

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46 /365

Ahh.. a day off work...and another one tomorrow...Yippee!! I am thankful for that, as well as:

1.) the wonderful day I had today with Rev. J. we went to lunch at The Blue Max Cafe and had a grand time chatting and enjoying our budding friendship... I also enjoyed showing her the beautiful Maze Library - a grand time indeed!

2.) declaring February as "Freedom from Stuff" month... yes!! It feels good to be clearing out stuff I don't need... unshackling myself from it. I thank Rev. J. for not only her pep talk, but for laying it out to me as only she can... to not let myself be ruled by "things" - Thank you Rev. J. !

3.) following through on taking care of myself... and listening to more music and public radio as I am "up and doing" at home -

4.) Restorative Yoga - which I'm on my way to in a few minutes - another way of taking care of my body; body/mind work

5.) taking a few minutes to work on an Intention/Medicine Doll I'm making for a friend

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 45 /365

A mostly quiet, yet full day. So glad I went to Unity again this week, blessings runneth over. Today is a day of gratitude for the beautiful souls in my life, those I mention here, and those I've not yet mentioned..but whose names and spirit is written in my heart. I am thankful for the richness of my life, in the loving, caring friends and family I have..and for the opportunities that arise that allow me to know, and experience that. I am also grateful for:

1.) Juanita (in the tech room) at Unity... what a radiant soul she is, a generous heart, her sharing of wisdom and inspiration... i am thankful for her telling me to consciously greet myself in the mirror each day

2.) seeing Kasey today at Unity..the first time in a long good to see my dear friend; and the treat that she sang today!! She sang "My Funny Valentine" like I've never heard it; visiting with her afterward

3.) seeing faces of new freinds at Unity (Linda) and old ones, Ron, Vernon, Delores... felt good to be in their radiant energy

4.) talking to Zaundra today...for over an hour.. oh, that did my heart good!'d been a long time, and talking with her was like we'd never stopped - a sign of real freindship

5.) keeping up with my dear frined Laura Hegfield - and that she keeps up with me; she's a lovely, loving soul...filled with inspiration; I'm very thankful she's in my life

6.) talking with Bernard and Duane today...wishing them Happy Valentine's Day.. Billy too

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 44 /365

A good day today. It almost felt like Spring.. a sunny, chilly spring day - a cheery day. I am thankful for:

1.) my thoughtful, compassionate, nurturing, hairdresser and friend, Bessie

2.) the care and learning I receive for my body, physiology, mind and spirit at Pure Reign; learning from Jason about zeta potential and its role in our health, tv and other interesting things

3.) my walk today with Randy & Carol...and our visit at their house afterward; their help in moving my living room furniture opened up renewed energy, ideas and encouragement in making changes at home

4.) National Public Radio - the unique and expanded programs they offer

5.) the way when I set and release an intention, and send out my prayers , that I receive just what I need in regard to what I prayed/asked for...and the many forms it comes in... thank you!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43 /365

Ahh...finally Friday, and a four-day weekend ahead for me. I exhale, feel my self rooted in my body, connected. I am thankful for:

1.) becoming more and more grounded within my being; allowing my mind and heart to find balanced, harmonious integration in my physical body - making way for a more balanced life

2.) being satisfied with less sugar in my tea; feeling good I am doing something nurturing for myself

3.) my lunch with Nancy G. at work; and the wonderful sharing about life that we always do whenever we get together... I am thankful for all that we learn from each other

4.) catching up with Lisa S.-S. today; another good sharing and catching up

5.) feeling good to be home; and I am thankful to have my home

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42 /365

At lunchtime I took a walk toward the lake front...through the park...and let myself simply be with the vibration of Nature. The trees, many of them still holding depths of snow, and the still white snow all over the larger areas...and the bright, bright was peaceful, and beautiful, and assuring. I am thank for:

1.) my lunch time walk, the splendor of Nature...and the brief conversation I had with another walker, who stopped by the bench where I was sitting

2.) learning about the programs at Renewal in the Wilderness, from a freind

3.) my friend sharing with me the winter wonderland of snow paths and hills, he and his wife (and son) built...for the little one's enjoyment .. oh what a gleefull experience!

4.) realizations... revelations... inviting them... realzing when they've come....and saying YES to them.. as they represent the unfoldment and the actualizations of what I've asked for on some level... what my heart has desired

5.) life... all of it

6.) the guiding light and wisdom of Howard Thurman's words: "...decide and abide" from his book, For the Inward Journey; and to Rev. Michael Beckwith for talking about it on his CD, The Vibration of the Most High

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41 / 365

Tonight I enjoyed a different route home, making my way throught the neighborhood and the 6+ inches of snow. Seeing all the old Victorian homes, and others all lit up with the goings-on of the families inside, was heart warming and... made me reminisce back to the home of my childhood, both in Ohio and Michigan - made me smile. In this moment gratitude springs up from me for:

1.) living in such a beautiful, historical neighborhood of diversity; .and that its close enough to work

2.) more hours of daylight...Yay! It's getting lighter and lighter outside every day

3.) a nice, warm bath to settle into... with my new favorite essential oil, Vertiver - it's good for getting grounded; and I'm thankful for Nancy Santo Pietro's book on Feng Shui and Health - where I read about Vertiver

4.) my ever-deepeing appreciation for the animal kingdom... especially dogs and cats, but there's so much to learn from the entire kingdom - I'm enjoying their lessons and fascinated by their instincts...and how Nature takes care of them...threfore Nature, takes care of us too

5.) reconnecting with my friends Marta & Lloyd after a long, long time from talking with them

6.) good... and I am very thankful for mine, and that I get to share it with those whom I share it with..from family, to friends, to co-workers, to those I encounter each day in the blink of an's all very powerful.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 40 /365

Just got home from a blizzardy commute. It's been snowing since this morning, is expected to continue all night. It's that good "packing" snow.. the kind snow ball fights are made of... and snow men..and women... and sledding... and children playing, sticking out their tongue to catch snow flakes..and dogs frolicking for joy... it's the snow of snow angels. My journey home was a good and safe one. I am thankful and appreciative of that, as well as:

1.) the accoustics of a heavy snow fall; it's a blanket of softness, the paradox of the "sound of quiet" it creates... the conscious breathing it inspires

2.) my safe journey & arrival home... and those of friends and loved ones

3.) ....I got a kick out of the Weather Channel playing the "Theme from Shaft", in this evening's report... ya gotta love that!

4.) screening the pilot episode of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" at work today... and for his commitment to getting world citizens on track to healthier eating and healthier lives

5.) feeling good in my body... healing continues in my physical and emotional bodies

6.) the role that creativity (collage, doll-making, creative expression) plays in flushing out what's really going on inside.. as well as the inspirational tool it is for the articulating my life vision and tapping into the subconscious

7.) My brother Billy...for checking in with me more often; and my brothers Duane and Bernard to.. for being there

I am grateful for this whole Gratitude-Joy! process. I am seeing, feeling, and experiencing the lovely, rich, textured tapestry of my life ...and Life. Who knew these Recipes for Gratitude would create such a Feast of Apprciation? ...and the bounty keeps overflowing...and I am thankful.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 39 / 365

I am grateful for...

1.) snowmen.. they make me smile..and love seeing all the creativity; brings back childhood memories

2.) the basics: my life, my breath, Spirit which animates my being

3.) a long sigh, releasing stress...especially when I didn't know I was holding my breath

4.) practicing grounding exercises for the root chakra - settling me into my body, and the earth

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 38 /365

On this sunny, chilly Winter day... I am grateful...

1.) that I went to Unity this morning, and visiting with all the folks I'd not seen in a while; the message was just what I needed to hear, "Cutting the Cords"

2.) to have all my senses... to see the beautiful sunshine and blue sky, beautiful neighborhood and all the goings-on ; to hear the birds chirping, the breeze through the trees, the cicadas; to touch (and rub) the friendly, playful, loving dog I encountered today; to taste fresh bread from the local Red Hen Bakery, and the delcious green beans I had at dinner last night; to smell the refreshing essential oil that lingered in the bathroom, after my bath; to feel love, appreciation, compassion in my heart

3.) for the outline of the trees against the sky at dusk, it invites contemplation and thanksgiving

4.) for the heart-shaped mandala I made a few months ago..that sits on my table and reminds me to speak my heart ..and to listen and heed as my heart speaks to me; and that is what we all must do... when we listen and heed to the Heart of our heart, only Good can come of it

5.) for realizing where and what I must to let go of... in order to grow and expand into the fullness of my being; the essence of "Cutting the Cords' - as was today's message at Unity

6.) the ever-present companion of Gratitude and how my relationship with it has opened my life and sense of appreciation...immensely

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 37 /365

Today... I appreciate...

1.) my willingness to look at things in a new way

2.) time spend with my friend Lee today, over brunch

3.) the "Reflection Card" writing... Brenda sent me, from her personal deck; inspiring and challenges me to go surrender

4.) a situation that's challenging me to trust... and not worry

5.) how important it is to conscioiusly breathe, especially in stressful times

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 36 /365

Ahh...The end of the 9-5 week... TGIF!! I am also thankful for:

1.) Inspiration that visits me out of the blue...and when I need it most; I'm thankful that despite the noise in my head.. rehearsing the growing to-do list I can still hear Inspiration and Creative Ideas, like....

2.) ... thinking of the stuff I need to do as "Self Development Projects" instead of burdens; I'm gonna do my best to sustain that attitude...and let it abide in me...then I know it will work

3.) the Christmas lights that some people leave up ... it's a nice surprise on my evening walks!

4.) the sound of birds in the Winter.. how do they manage to survive in the cold with their thin feathers? ...another blessing and miracle of Nature

5.) the creative inspiration I receive from so many people and avenues; and today's newsletter from the Arts & Healing Network

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35 /365

It's interesting how energized I can feel at the end of the day at work, sometimes. It's lighter outside.. I get to walk out and see daylight. Right now.....I am grateful for:

1.) Dr. Shepherd and his "good shepherding" of my health - having my best interest at heart, even when I'm in a hurry and don't want to stay for the duration; I also enjoy our good-natured bantering.. makes me laugh; ...and I'm thankful to my friend, Bill...for recommending him to me!

2.) the young man who appointed himself my plant caretaker at work...even though I hardly ever see him... I can tell he's been there; I appreciate the notes he leaves...and his thoughtfulness...the plants and flowers he ocassionally leaves for me brighten my office

3.) today's Oprah...on a wake-up call for our health; I almost didn't watch felt like warning overload...but toward the end there was good news, encouraging news and how small changes can have a big effect on our way or another .. I remember Michelle Obama saying the same thing..that it was the consistent, small changes that turned their family's eating and health around

4.) the quiet at work...after 5pm -- it can be very calming..and very focusing for me to accomplish personal stuff I didn't get done at lunch time; I am thankful for my very good job, my co-workers...and the work environment; I am blessed!

5.) feeling good in my body... smoother functioning of my body... and improvements in my health and well-being

6.) the countless opportunities available for healing and processing via spontaneous self-expression, creative expression with the body (drumming, dancing (Roth)...walking); being conscious that all of these are beneficial on many levels of being

7.) spending time with Kamaria... always

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34 /365

Taking time to reflect...and appreciate life... I am grateful for:

1.) Kamaria's call tonight...and our visit by phone... it did my heart good

2.) drumming tonight at home...feeling the vibration and rhythm of it

3.) the drum I made at Full Circle Retreat last summer...the whole weekend, the experience, the magnificent surroundings...and the people; beautiful memories -- and a great drum

4.) feeling a heightened, sustained sense of well-being...the second day, very encouraging

5.) longer daylight hours... it's still light at 5pm...rather invigorating

6.) today's warmer temperature... in the mid-20s

7.) talking with Brenda today.. always fun, informative and inspiring!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33 /365

Ah...winding down from a relaxing evening of participating in the rhythmic, healing power of drumming... life is good... I am deeply thankful for:

1.) my friend Jun and that we always re-connect at just the right time..and rather synchronistically; through him..many wonderful expereinces (and conversations) come my way... Last April I was gifted with a weekend workshop, talk and musical experience with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, and his wife Rickie Byars Beckwith...a lifechanging experience! ...tonight Jun held a Drumming Experience... feeling the transformational vibration of the group, and the experience of playing and experiencing it within my being...feeling the vibrational change in the room.. realzing the power in the vibration to heal. Thank you Jun.

2.) I am truly, deeply thankful that the creator puts in our path the who, what where, when, why and how...just when we need it; and that this happens when I listen to my the voice that says "I wonder how so-and-so is".. or realizing I thought that thought a few times over the last few weeks and its time to contact that person! ...that's Spirit's Voice... blessing me, and I am blessed abundantly when pay attention, and heed; doing so can change everything!

3.) the winter wonderland, picture postcard snow we had this morning...and milder temperatures

4.) renewed hope and encouragement

5.) the healing power of Rainbow Obsidian...and for my friend for teaching me how to use it

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 32 /365

Today.... I come with challenge...and trust in the process...and the Spirit of Gratitude. I am thankful for:

1.) inspiring CDs from Michael Beckwith.. the Vibration of the Most High in particular... touched and uplifted me today; brought clarity and focus...and comfort... his Work always takes me deeper

2.) rememberances of old friends...that make me smile; appreciating what they bring to my life...even if I haven't talked w/them for a while... their soul-print still lingers in my heart and being

3.) taking action today...small steps in creating order at home

4.) solitude

5.) finally catching up with old friend Kathy O.