Saturday, July 28, 2012

Conscious Connection

Flowers of Summer Hill, May 2011 

As I reflect on the week, I am aware of and thankful for the Living Connection that permeates All That Is.  It's the Original Wireless Connection that has been in existence for a countless number of years.  From the birds flying south for the winter, to winter  giving way to spring... the connection is illustrated again and again, throughout the universe.  It's the connection we feel when someone is hurting, or is joyful...and we reach out.  It's the unspoken connection that's understood with a nod, or a smile...or a tear; or in our heart's knowing that someone "gets us" ...hears us...and truly understands.   It's the essence of compassion.  Our sense of connection, or disconnection, has a ripple effect on the entire Web of Life and every being and every thing in it.'s beneficial to seek out and recognize our connection to others... in ways we are more alike, than different.

So today, I am grateful for my awareness of connection far and wide... visible and invisible. I am glad to realize that the joy as well as the pain (like sunshine and rain)... nourishes the connection within myself first -- and then I can better consciously connect with others in a way that's nourishing for all involved.

This mandala from my archive... I share with you.  It speaks of "Reaching Out" and how when we do, we connect.  I gave it a voice, which is the last paragraph of the above link...just some food for thought :)

May your Conscious Connections be all you need and want them to be; and if they're not... think on what you ARE connected to that feels good... like: your breath.  Conscious breathing  connects us to the Essential part of ourselves, feeds us in countless ways...and opens us up in ways beyond description....and what better connection than that!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Today, as I try to fathom and deal with the loss of life in Colorado recently, my heart and condolences go out to the families; as well as prayers.  How do we even begin to comprehend what the families are going through.  I feel the ache in my heart toom but of course, not like theirs.  I send my heart-felt blessingsn for comfort to the all the familie,,, and all of us too, or we are all connected.

As I was out for my walk by the river today at lunch time and began to feel the emotions of all this... I was reminded of the healing qualities of creative expression, and the process I call Mandala Medicine.  This practice was an integral part of my life for 3-4 years, and yet I've not created in a long time.  It's times like this that draw me to creating Mandala Medicine - as this is what the process is about:  emptying the energy, emotion, color and shape of what I am feeling (or not feeling) int the empty circle. A circle I recognize as  "sacred"- (mandala means, "sacred circle").    It's no wonder that often, either afterward or in the midst of tragedy or upheaval, children are given paper and crayons so they can draw to express how they're feeling... at a time when words escape them. 

I know, when I create that  mandala with the intention of expressing my feelings and  honoring those who have been killed, and their families -- that energy will set in motion a wave Love and Compassioon that will not only reach the families, but everyone who's touched by this....and even those who might not realize they are... and for that, I am deeply grateful.

(You too, are invited to: create Mandala Medicine with me.  Just click the above Mandala Medicine link - which serves as a guide... and to share your experience of the process, as well as what you've created...if you'd like. It's in the creating and sharing that we are made whole)    Godspeed, one and all.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Beginning again...

The wonderful thing about life is, at any moment we can decide to begin again.  It's never too's never too early.  No matter what has happened or hasn't.  We can begin anew in the soil of our mind - where everything begins (and has the power of Infinite, Deeper Mind) to carry it thorough.

Whatever I'm being urged to do is what's needing to be brought forth...not just for me, but for all people who will be touched by it in some way.  This is true for each an every one of us.  Everything we do, think and say... the meditations of our heart, has an impact on not only our life, but the state and energy of the planet (and universe).

Beginning (this blog) again, after about 18 months... is my way of reminding myself of the Gratitude and Joy that awaits recognition, within me - despite what's happening in the world and our lives.  And, it's that piece -  that can be the seed of a whole new perspective... as I... as we "begin again".

My gratitude-joy today honors and celebrates this insight.  ...and it's in that spirit, I send it out into the world...  It's coming your way!  Look out for it... :)