Monday, July 23, 2012

Beginning again...

The wonderful thing about life is, at any moment we can decide to begin again.  It's never too's never too early.  No matter what has happened or hasn't.  We can begin anew in the soil of our mind - where everything begins (and has the power of Infinite, Deeper Mind) to carry it thorough.

Whatever I'm being urged to do is what's needing to be brought forth...not just for me, but for all people who will be touched by it in some way.  This is true for each an every one of us.  Everything we do, think and say... the meditations of our heart, has an impact on not only our life, but the state and energy of the planet (and universe).

Beginning (this blog) again, after about 18 months... is my way of reminding myself of the Gratitude and Joy that awaits recognition, within me - despite what's happening in the world and our lives.  And, it's that piece -  that can be the seed of a whole new perspective... as I... as we "begin again".

My gratitude-joy today honors and celebrates this insight.  ...and it's in that spirit, I send it out into the world...  It's coming your way!  Look out for it... :)

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Alan Green said...

I am grateful for each morning... being re-ensouled anew every day! I am thankful for your friendship dear one.