Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 365 / 365

What a marvelous year, 2010.  As it has wrapped up I reflect on so much that to be thankful for, some nuggets are:

...inner-growth that yields to outward growth; and all the magnifcient creative processes and ingredients that have gone into it

...realizing how deeply loved I am...and how deeply I love, even when I don't realized it

...that healing can happen, when I stick with it no matter how many times or how many faces healing takes on...I have been attuned to them all...and have been blessed by the re-emergence of the Face of my Soul...through my every day.

...learning to get over it when folks don't behave the way I think they should... (or the way I think I would); when they don't own their responsibility... yep, more for me to reflect on w/in myself to see if and where I might do this

...I've become even more smitten with the Creative Process of Living - and my part in that as co-creator/co-partner with the Force... it has indeed been with me (as I know it always is...I just might not always remember)

...dreaming bigger...and even bigger in 2011 "... to infinitiy and beyond.!" ... as Buzz Lightyear would say..and having people in my life to remind me

..the ever-expanding Creative Tribe that surrounds me in 3D... and blesses me beyond my imagination and sometimes beyond my awareness; and yet...I am well aware of  bounty that blesses me in each and every one who I come in contact with, be it for a minute, an hour...or a lifetime; whether we've spoke words or with our eyes and hearts... it's all real.  It's all felt...and it all blesses everyone involved...and beyond.

I am grateful for the prospering power of Gratitude-Joy... the vibrating elixir of joyful love...coursing through the veins of my body...the breath and breadth of my being, as it meets yours! 

Here's to a new year... may it be the best one yet!  ...for each one of us!

Wondrous, sweet blessings...

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