Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 76 /365 - An Internet Break

Ah...another sunny day... in the mid-high 50s. I am aware of my immense gratitude for:

1.) awareness for my need for internet-free weekends and days...which I am starting after this post; to let myself slow down from the instant response and anticipation of the fast-paced internet, and the infinite bells and whistles vying for my attention, which keep me away from feeling "grounded and centered in my being" let all that go and embrace: the Field of Nature's Elements, Spirit's Elements and my Soul's Elements and the wise, loving whispers from them let them have their way with me...and to soak it all up... now that is paradise to me... and I look forward to meeting myself there... that, is home to me

I'll continue handwriting my Gratitude-Joy in my journal...and blog those days upon my return, which might be on Monday... or perhaps even longer. I'll let Intuition decide...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 75 /365

I am thankful for...

1.) the relief I feel in my neck and shoulders...and for Dr. Shepherd's treatment... (now, to sustain this)

2.) a smooth condo association meeting tonight....good neighbors..

3.) .and sweet Dante... Diana and Mike's Alaskan Huski

3.) another beautiful Spring day...

4.) that tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 74 /365

Right here...right now... I am feeling Gratitude-Joy for...

1.) ...the symphony of church bells that play just as I approach St. Edmond each weeknight on my walk home from Metra... it's a sound I've not heard in a while...and the bells feel like their welcoming me...along my journey

2.) ...taking time to sit outside at St. Edmond's school...on my walk home... to take it all in... he Spring breeze... the trees, and the glorious daylight...and energy

3.) ...the tweets, cheeps, chirps and peeps from the array of birds...and the wondrous birdsongs they all have... music to my ears..and heart... thank you birds!

4.) .. the peaceful ride home tonight...and walk to the train from work... I appreciate knowing I will have a relaxing, uneventful ride home on Metra... a good way to end the work day

5.) ...the patient, courteous, friendly people I encounter each day... drivers who wait at the stop sign and motion me to cross even before i've started... it's like they happily wait for my safe crossing; their smiles...and good-will energy is indeed present

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 73 /365

Today... I am alive, awake...and aware of my gratitude for...

1.) ...what I just mentioned above... and the bliss of Spring being in the air... it's affecting so many people is so many wonderful ways...

2.) ...the event we had today with clients at The Chopping Block.. what a wonderful way to get to know people better... by creating a recipe together...then sharing in the fruits of our labor

3.) ...catching up with my Sandi today... I'd not seen her face in quite a while is good!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 72 /365

Ahh yes... the season of Spring is pulsing through my veins... I feel like I've just opened the windows of my being and this glorious Spirit-breeze is blowing through. It's amazing how enlivening to the soul...the renaissance of Spring can be. - Today is a day of gratitude for:

1.),,,the fresh breeze of Spring... and the sights and sounds that go along with it: the chirping, peeping birds scampering and fluttering in the's so cute that I can hear them and not see them.. I heard a Cardinal on my walk home from the train tonight...and saw a Robin hopping around on the grass...

1b) ...the creative inspiration, and "juice" of Jamie Ridler... I am really stoked about the March New Moon post... getting us ready for creation of our Full Moon Dreamboards...on the date of the Full Moon -- Jamie.. you rock!

2.) ...the technique of using the Rainbow Obsidian Heart with the laser (thank you Pure Reign and Kathy F.) - I am so encouraged...and feeling good in my head, neck and shoulders...and spirit

3.) ...picking up Martha Beck's "Steering by Starlight"... checking it out to see if I resonate with it... Lisa E. is taking the teleclass with Laurie H. and highly recommended it... it has my interest, that's for sure...

4.) ...the clean bill of health for my eyes today... no more eye drops and my eyes look good inside out... finally.. thank you!

5.) ...sleeping well...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 71 /365

I am so excited... the time changes seems to have enlivened me, at least right now... getting up an hour earlier, according to my body-clock tomorrow morning...I'm hoping I will be just as invigorating. There's something about waking up to the natural daylight that's nutritious to the spirit.. Right now, I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.)... the sense of Spring in the air: anticipation of new birth, green shoots are sprouting up out of the grond...and it's still daylight at 6:30 pm... this means when I get home from work I can enjoy the daylight! - and that... is music to my spirit...

2.) ...realizing that spending too much time on the computer is NOT good for my head, neck and shoulders... so from now on, I'm on it for short bursts at a time...

3.) ....the six SoulCollage cards I've made so far today....I went with The Flow and it was so relaxing and enjoyable... medicine for, and from Deep Within; their Whispers of Guidance resonate with me...and I look forward to goind deeper, dialoguing and capturing Insights as I allow their Essence to be with me...

4.) nature walk this afternoon with Randy and Carol...and the humurous stories we shared..and the dog we met.. Leo?? .. we always meet a dog or two on our walks

5.) ... feeling grounded in my being... and feeling good... yes... thank you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 70 /365

A rainy day today... I am glad to be inside, hearing the rain...and I am snug at home. Right now, I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) being introduced to yet another way of healing with Rainbow Obsidian via the ground-breaking offerings at Pure Reign... it's helped a lot in reducing discomfort... another tool for healing along the journey...and very encouraging

2.) spending time online tonight...and visiting my friend Kathy via her blog, Echoes of Grace... I am always inspired and uplifted by Kathy, her presence, her writings...her friendship... thank you Kathy.. much love to you

3.) allowing myself to have this day...without a to-do list (although it exists)... this afternoon I played with collage.. and the night's still young.. oh, wait a minute.. the clocks "spring ahead" tonight... oh no!!! oh well.. we'll have more hours of daylight... and I am thankful for that

4.) the simple, essentials in life: the breath which connects us to our hearts.. our minds... and all that we love... every one... I am thankful for the essentials of life...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 69 /365

Finally Friday...and the whistle has blown at! It's amazing how energizing it is to shift into the energy of the weekend, especially with the sporadic Spring-like weather we've had this week. Right now... I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) the good night's sleep I received... all 8 hours..and in my bed; and the "corrections" from Pure Reign added to my bedroom...and my whole house

2.) my heart feels this news deeply... about "Lima" the zebra that escaped from the circus grounds after being frightened by a loud noise...he/she was euthanized this week. Here's a brief article about it. I am thankful to Lima...she's pointed me to deeper wisdom within myself, and deeper acknowlegment and awareness of what's going on within me..and I thank her.... I'm getting teary; plus...animals shouldn't be in captivity anyway! I look upon my awareness of this happening, as a blessing; I'm rarely in that part of the building at work, and if I'd not been, I probably wouldn't have seen the news report. I will work with Lima's gift...her "Zebra Medicine" with gratitude, love and reverence for her spirit. Thank you, Lima... may you rest in peace...and may we all be touched by your spirit.

3.) feeling good... and my energy is stable... and I am grounded... rooted in well-being

4.) my friend, Laura...and her inspiration and love she always exudes - I am thankful for her presence... thank you Laura... for being in my life...and for our friendship...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 68 /365

Taking a breath in...I'm smiling... and I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) talking with my friend BC today... and our discussion about the universe, the Milky our relationship to all of the above; it's always an adventure sharing with BC!..and the video he shared with me on the Universe from the Natural Museum of History...I'll have to find the link...

2.) breathing easy...

3.) a relaxing energy at the end of the day..

4.) embracing this moment... and knowing...trusting.. all is well, and that my work is to be present in the here and now... right here, right now, everything is just fine...

5.) creativity! expressing, it...sharing it... talking about it with others who love to express creatively; living is a creative act

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 67 /365

What an evening... the windows are open with the Spring breeze blowing through. Right now, I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) sitting comfortably, in my body...and the bodywork I had today...and my doctor's insight into what's going on, and what helps me...and his encouragement, and wit!

2.) meeting up with Lisa this evening... it's always a reflective and enlightening time

3.) this gorgeous's 67 right now!'s refreshing

4.) chatting with Brenda about our love of creativity...especially collage of all kinds

5.) my healing, enduring spirit; and the souls in my life who love me and lovingly invite me to go with as intution leads...and that they're here with me every step of the way...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 68 /365

Today.. I am grateful for:

1.) the reassurance of having family and friendships

2.) this moment... my breath and staying grounded...

3.) collaging and playing in what's becoming my art journal; and discovering more of what relaxes me.. like using markers to paint the pages as a background.. this simple movement is very grounding and centering...

4.) my willingness to stick my toe out of my comfort zone...even if it's a smidgen; and integrate that into my life; I'm thankful for small, consistent steps

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 67 /365

Ahh.. it was so nice walking home from the train via the scenic route, vs. the noisier main street route. I am grateful for that as well as:

1.) was still daylight as I walked home...I got to see the graceful, majestic strucutres of the old, old trees...and to see them against the dusk sky... ahh, it was heaven; I stopped to bask in their was "blessing of the trees" ...I could feel my breathing slow down, and my spirit quicken as I absorbed their loving vibration...their compassion...and their glory... it was indeed the "blessing of the trees"

2.) catching up with my friend, Shelley of Expressive Art ... it's been good sharing with her over the last few days, about life, our mutual passion: creativity - especially collage; and gratitude and the book, The Gentle Art of Blessing... which she blogged about; speaking of blessing, connecting with Shelley always blesses me in many ways...

3.) a relaxing Sunday.. and allowing myself to go with the flow, without making myself feel bad 'cause of "shoulds"... a major part of my ability to do that is the good night's sleep, unlike none I've had in a while,...coupled with the ELF release at the event yesterday at Pure Reign...everything came together for a heightened sense of well-being...ahh.. thank you...

4.) by page... in the my Women's Medicine Circle journal that Lisa gave us ... I'm enjoying the art journal it's becoming... something new for me; appreciating this new sister circle

5.) hearing from Kamaria today.. yes! we're making arrangements for her to come...yay!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 66 /365

Today...I am aware of my gratitude for...

1.) the refreshing night's sleep I had.. on the sofa... away from the strong interference fields of EMFs, digital and wireless waves that bombard our planet.. I am grateful that I'm working on getting my home "corrected" to neutralize these effects - so my home can truly be a haven..and restful place, regardless of what room I sleep in...

2.) the inspiration from the tv show Clean House... I love Niecie Nash and that she and her team encourage and support families to deal with life issues by letting go of stuff! ...letting go so a clear space can be made for something new and better to inhabit their life; letting go...of physical and emotional stuff..and getting rid of the physical stuff can be the beginning the letting go of the emotions hold people back.. what a beautiful lesson this show exhibits...

3.) Rev. Michael Beckwith's words of truth: "That which we appreciate, appreciates".

4.) the encounter I had recently in the cafe near work.... with a little boy about three years old; we talked about eating lunch and drinking water...and he picked up this 1/2 liter of water...and gave it to me... so very sweet

5.) Nature and the chorus of the sounds of Spring.. nearly all the snow has melted.. ahh, it's a breath of fresh air and happy anticipation

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 65 /365

How wonderful that we're experiencing the promise of Spring these last few days. Today it's sunny, bright...and I swear I can feel and see the buds in divine waiting within the trees, although still bare to the naked eye. I love this kinship I have with the trees. In this moment I am deeply grateful for that as well as...

1.) the inspiration and heart-smiles I receive from visiting my friend Debra via her blog.... thank you Deb.. for sharing your heart's insight with the world

2.) my passion and soul's devotion to creativity; whether it's for creativy's sake.. or with the conscious intention to explore my inner-world and what lies there (memories, expereinces, inspiration, resistence, pain, questions...) -- exploring and learning about myself and life this way is tending to my Soul's Flower Garden... whether I realize it or not: preparing the soil, planting the seeds, weeding, admiring the blooms and letting their energy merge with mine, removing the "dead heads" from the spent blooms ...and allowing the soil, the roots, seeds and bulbs to do what they do in their innately directed rest...before their next season's bloom. I like seeing life as a Flower Garden... and appreciate the blooms of the seeds I've planted as well as the unexpected blooms of "volunteers" and wildflowers that show up...its a part of their DNA as well as mine - I love my Flower Garden... dandy lions and all .. and, as I write this I am reminded of the heartiness of dandy lions.. hmm.. time for me to explore and cultivate Dandy Lion Medicine - thank you flower kingdom, for your multi-faceted gifts!

3.) the quote "I am stepping out of my daily routine. My intent is to explore the mysteris buried inside me that words cannot express." from Victoria Cummings via her article* in the May-June 2007 Spirituality & Health magazine featuring process painting teacher, Pamela Hochstetter... that quote reminds me how powerful it is to be aware of and acknowledge what I am doing, and my intent.. and not being hooked on what will or won't happen in the process or how it will look, but to surrender to and trust the process.. that in itself is the Gift and the Medicine of experiencing creativity as a spiritual journey vs. being pre-occupied with the end result (easier said than done, so I continue to practice, practice, practice;..and each practice session mines my Soul's Gold whether I realize it or not).... for me, that is the ultimate in soul-tending.. mining the ancient treasures within the ultra-thin layers of my soul, the layers,...dense with wisdom and guidance and love;... it's a signficant seed in the Flower Garden of my Whole Life

4.) my winding, seemingly-elusive journey to full, self-acceptance...and self-love

*Click here to read Victoria Cummings' article, "Paint Your Sprit"
Pamela Hochstetter's website is here

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 64 /365

Yay... it's Friday! It was a day mostly filled with blue skies and sunshine... I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) getting out at lunch and enjoying the fresh air, and...

2.) spending time in the Chicago Temple, just a few blocks from work; spent about 20 minutes or so in sacred inner-silence...inside their beautiful, colorful sancutary...cocooned away from the hustle and bustle and noise of downtown Chicago; it's the only place I know of that's quiet - no outside noises.. what a blessing! I will definitely return

3.) Hearing from my beautiful friend Helen, of Love Yourself Coaching... I look forward to talking with her on Sunday

4.) feeling better in my body...and being

5.) Kamaria.. loved getting her voice mail today - and looking forward to our time together

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 63 /365

Ahh.. how nice to arrive home form work, energized yet relaxed. On a whim, I stayed after work to handle condo Board business and felt good about accomplishing that (hmm.. now to accompliish "my" agenda!)... at any rate, I realize there's something about the end of the day, when there's not likely the possibility of being interrupted or having to juggle and beat the clock (like I have to do when trying to do admin stuff at lunch)'s very calming after everyone's gone home...and I don't have the distractions that I do at home. I'm also aware that doing it on the spur of the moment is beneficial.. otherwise I might resist, procrastinate and end up making myself feel bad. So.. all in all, I am feeling good..and I am aware of my gratitude for:

1.) my realization of the insight I just mentioned, above...

2.) coming home and "drumming my day"... after the drum circle on Tuesday, I'm again reminded of the wondrous clearing ability of the drum.. so as soon as I came home I beat my drum ...honoring the day; and I just love the drum I made at the Drum Makiing retreat at Full Cirlce Retreat in WI last fall

3.) learing about SoulCollage Prayer Cards via a faciliatator's newsletter...and the generous sharing of the spiritual director who shared her beautiful work with this process

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 62 /365

Today.. I am aware of my gratitude for:

1a.) Kamaria... just hearing her voice, talking with her, and talking about an upcoming visit...oh heart is singing!, she was honored today at work with an award, the Ishobon (sp?) Award... it means #1 in Japanese... her manager, and his manager made a special visit to present her with the aware .. I am so happy for you, Kamaria, that like me, they recognize the beautiful, efficient, generous, mature, intelligent, compassionate, fair, service-minded...and good being that you are..

1b.) the people in my life who make me laugh... like cheekoshep...and George

2.) so many thoughtful, caring people in my, my neighbor Dennis dropped me off at the train even though I was earlier than usual... he circled back to get his wife, who'd not come outside yet

3.) my co-worker Bill B. - for caring enough to stop and talk with me about what's going on with me..and inspiring me to work out the best of my ability, even if it'ss different than what I used to do... he and I go back to 1980s...when running was a part of my workout - thanks, Bill

4.) the you man at the Halsted St. Deli who smilled, and held the door for me

5.) another good treatment from Dr. Shepherd today...getting me back on track, bit by bit..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 61 /365

Feeling good this evening...and, it's been a good day. I am thankful for:

1.) feeling much better today, than yesterday... feeling much more my body and my mind is sharper today; I am thankful for this...'cause last night I had no clue that today my overall sense of well being would be so good.. .so elevated... thank you!

2.) the inspiration from watching the triumphant, joyful spirit of Roger Ebert today on Oprah...he and his wife were guests; it's stories like his...seeing him be of good cheer, genuinely...that I say to myself... I too can be triumphant over whatever I'm going through; thank you Roger and Chaz...and Oprah for bringing his story to the light

3.) going to drumming circle tonight... facilitated by my friend, Jun; the benefits are invigorating and healing to the body system.. ahh.. thank you Jun, and Remo, Inc. for blessing the world abundantly with this marvelous work

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 60 /365

A good day...and then got better... I am grateful for:

1.) finding out about the book, The Gentle Art of Blessing.. oh my Goodness! was just the soothing balm my heart needed... the Highter Plane my heart was seeking.... sometimes you can know something, and hear or read about what you know, but the method or person delivering it makes all the difference in the world.. I am thankful to the author, and he so generously shares excerpts online, here... ...dear author, I bless you and yours from the depths of my heart..and in gratitude for the work you're doing, and sharing - and I bless everyone who enters best to you, yours..and all that concerns you...

2.) this day...this life...this moment...and all the moments that take me to the next, which in the blink of an a heartbeat... changed the course of my outlook, my experience...and upleveled my sense of optimism..

3.)... I am thankful to me for allowing myself to follow my intution...which always steers me, secures me...and is the devoted, spiritual-lighthouse of my life... I thank you