Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 259 / 365 - PIcking up where I left off...

Ahh... it feels good to be back here.  In the Spring of the year, I took a vacation from the DAILY blogging of Gratitude-Joy.  After feeling the pleasure and enchantment of Gratitude-Joy, I decided to let myself embody it in my daily sojourns...and to fast from daily blogging .  And so.. I embarked on appreciating what surounded me and accepting the gifts it brought, be they "quiet moments with my own thoughts", or the not always so wonderful encounters of... "quiet moments with my own thoughts!"  Oh..if we don't have a sense of humor, we'll be invited to grow one in one way or another!

And so... to actually see from a distance - via my blog - that which stirs me to appreciate life...is something I needed a closer snapshot of; and starting with Autumn,  blogging gives me the perfect amount of distance to see and feel the full appreciation.  Drawing inward as our bodies attune to Mother Earth's Autumn season, as She prepares to retreat inwardly for hibernaton, rest and replenishment.

And.. of course, being back here again with all of you, my Creative Kindred Spirits, is one of the best parts of all!  It just wouldn't be the same without setting my Gratitude-Joy free to the Winds of the Worldwide Web and beyond...intended to blow joyful breezes of gratitude awareness your way...and then circle back my way via yourbeautiful, colorful, sacred Creative Offerings.  I intend to blog my Gratitude-Joy at least once a week, thata feels like enough to keep the appreciation fires stoked - and to stay in touch with all of you as well.  I do thank you for being here!

Right now...my heart is filled with joy that:

1)   I talked witih my daughter tonight... it was SO good to hear her voice...she's Good Medicine!
2)   S.C. who's guiding me through some unique territory
3)   I connecting with Creative Sister, Angelia and her colorful, unique soulful art that calls us to a higher place within. Angelia.. I" glad you left a comment on my Mandala Oasis blog!
4)  my very good job
5) I'm back here...at my blog... turning up the Gratitude-Joy within!