Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gratitude-Joy Abounds...

In this moment, I am aware of my blooming gratitude for:
  1. waking up to the sounds of a cool Saturday summer morning have filled my heart with gratitude and brought a smile to my face and heart...and a sense of lightness I've not felt upon awakening in ages....  Glory be!
  2. the sunshine, the sounds of the cicadas, the gentle sounds of folks being up and about 
  3. the countless modalities and treatments and practitioners and practices and friends and acquaintances that have gotten me to this place, and are still a part of my recipe for well-being and innate self-expression; some of which include:
  4. Pure Reign Eco Lifestyle and their excellent, outstanding education and experience in environmental health.. that was the beginning of cracking open the egg-shell of health well-being and awareness; and doctors: Shepherd,  Howard and Desert-Alchemy flower essences.
  5. Rev. Michael Beckwith, Ricki Byars Beckwith...their music, messages, lessons and generous offerings  through the Agape International Spiritual Center; as well as the Oneness Bleessing/Meditation
  6. various Expressive Arts practices: SoulCollage® and the expertise and compassion of Creative Spirit Guidance,  and KaliedoSoul; the offerings at Full Circle Retreat, where I was introduced to the practice of creating mandalas which inspired me to create the Mandala Oasis; creating "mandala medicine" as I call it...has been an instrumental pearl in my self-awareness which in turn opens me to deeper healing on all levels; Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® Professional Certification Course at her Summer Hill Ranch, as well as the creativity trainings with Jill at The Muse is In , and the infinite inspiration from Chris Dunmire's Creativity Portal ;  The wise and effervescent Jamie Ridler, and compassionate, creative Susan Cadley;  and Pat Allen's wonderful Studio Process 
  7. my daughter, Kamaria ... and my family of origin and otherwise... who are in my heart, forever
  8. the fascinating, incredible worldwide web which has brought all of this to my fingertips and allowed me to meet so many kindred spirits
  9. Laura, at Shine the Divine and Mary at Lush Riot... and Amy at the Mother Bear Project... I swear... knitting those bears, seen here... bring me so much joy! ... and to see it come full circle is the lasting memory in my heart.
  10. spa services at Ruby Room and the Spring Dragon tea they introduced to me
Last but certainly not least, I am immensely grateful for God, the Infinite Great Spirit and its presence within me...which without, none of the above would even matter; It is indeed a beautiful day.  And hearing those words, "beautiful day" I can't help but think of Mr. Rogers and the wonderful contribution he's made to our world.  I love PBS' salute to him in this video remix as he reminds us of the "Garden of Your Mind"...   Gratitude-Joy does indeed... abound!

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