Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn Haiku

We are in the heart of Mother Nature's kaleidoscope of vivid, colors changing and emerging; leaves falling and disintegrating to embody the fullness of their cycle of life.  All the while, the soil is tilled,  subtly  for creating "what 's next".  The beauty of this reminds me of a few haikus that found their way through my heart this time last year. Ahh, autumn's gifts keep on giving and my heart and mind are overflowing with gratitude and keen awareness to each and every one.  Thank you, autumn for your ever-present beauty, gifts and grace.

Autmn Haiku

Sunshine through the leaves
autumn's true colors reveal
the beauty of "what is"

~   ~  ~

Bright autumn sun streams
like a shower through the trees...
Vivid colors glow

Here's to... the gifts of the season.
Autumn blessings to all...

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